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Understanding Why Customers Cut and Run

One of the most frustrating things about running an eCommerce site can be reading the site statics at the end of each week or month.  If you are seeing a series of visitors coming and leaving, or worse still leaving after loading their cart, you need to take action.  The best way to stop customers leaving the site is to understand why they do it, and what that means for you.  There are some changes you can make that will reduce the instances of this happening and, even better, increase sales.

What Do You Sell?

Does your homepage need work?  If it is not immediately obvious what you sell then customers may leave without bothering to look around.  How many categories do you have?  If they are not all shown on the homepage in some form or other, people may well not stick around.  Have a good look at your website and see if you can spot what needs to change.  It is common to see a list of latest added products but, if that pushes other lines out of view, then you could lose potential sales because people are not sure if you have what they need.  Remember we are dealing with the impatient, instant gratification generation who want everything now.  To appeal to them, you may need a homepage rethink.

Where Do They Search?

If a customer lands on the site and sees that you may well have what they want to purchase they need to be able to find it fast.  This means a search bar should be obvious and on every page.  It needs to be quick to locate but not over-egg its role and take up too much space.  The top of the page, in the middle or off to the side is where most people expect to look.  Of course, in order to enable customers to search effectively, you also need to make sure you have given each product the correct description so that it will be returned in the results.  Customers might shop by make, colour, size, style or any number of criteria.  Know your products and tag accordingly.

Keep Adverts Subdued

There is nothing worse than a site that is overrun by pop-ups.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying to push your special offers if a customer cannot navigate your site without being barraged by pop-up windows they will leave.  Desperately searching for the tiny ‘x’ or ‘close’ on a pop-up that blocks the view of a page is simply something people cannot be bothered with.  They know where the back button is to leave the page and that is what they will use.  Keep your adverts and promotions well placed and not annoying.  If you must use pop-ups, make them small and easy to close.

On a Go Slow

Patience is a virtue but sadly not one possessed by online shoppers.  Potential customers will wait no more than 10 seconds for a page to load and in many cases even less time.  Keep it moving and sort out any loading issues, and you will find customers stick around longer

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