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Useful Tools to Help eBay Shop Owners Manage the Christmas Holiday Rush

Useful Tools to Help eBay Shop OwnersLast year over 75% of adult UK residents were thought to have bought at least one Christmas gift online and in reality the figure is actually probably even higher than that. Therefore gearing your eBay shop up to capture that Christmas shopping market is a must. People who may never go near eBay at any other time of the year are likely to head there seeking Christmas bargains or items that can’t be found in the shops near them. And regular eBay shoppers are even more likely than ever to buy.

Handling extra sales volume can be difficult for eBay sellers though. And at no other time are buyers less willing to accept delays or little mistakes than they are when they need (and expect) the items they have purchased from you to be in their hands and under the tree before December 24th. With that in mind we’ve gathered a little information about a few tools that can make your life as an eBay shop owner, a little easier during this very busy time:

Terapeak – Terapeak is an analysis tool that provides eBay sellers with all kinds of useful statistics and insights gained from the study of closed auction results. Using it you can discover the best day and the best time of day to begin and end your holiday auctions, the best keywords to use in your headlines to attract holiday shopper clicks and much more. You can even analyse your own closed auctions to get suggestions about what you as a unique Ebay shop owner can do better. You can sign up for the service at

Turbo Listings Tool – If you have a lot of new items to list this Christmas and you have never used it before now might be the time to try eBay’s Turbo Listing tool. Using the tool you can list hundreds of items quickly and easily, creating all the information offline and then uploading to your eBay store all at once. You can watch a video that explains the way the tool works in the seller section.

Multi Variation Listings – Say you are selling a number of different colours and sizes of the same item. This type of listing allows you to offer all of them in a single Buy it Now auction, saving you a lot of money on insertion costs. You can even manage the inventory from within the listing itself very easily, great for ensuring you do not have to disappoint customers by offering a sale option that you can no longer fulfill.

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