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Time To Multiply Your Marketplaces?

Selling on eBay is an outlet many businesses rely on for their survival. Having a successful eBay store is a huge deal, and it is easy for this to become your sole focus, however, have you thought about things differently.  If you are selling well on eBay and making a tidy profit, you may feel that you are living the dream and that your work is done.  However, if you what you sell is proving popular on eBay the chances are it will on other marketplace platforms, and you could well be wise to expand.  Here are some of the more popular ones that you might want to consider.  Taking a risk on some of these could be the best decision you ever make,


Amazon Marketplace


A lot of eBay sellers are wary of adding Amazon Marketplace to their selling platforms, but here are some surprising statistics. In the US over 55% of consumers use Amazon as their go-to search engine when they want to purchase something.  They skip the search engine stage altogether, instead assuming they will find what they want on Amazon.  In 2016 more than 100k in sales was made by 100k businesses, and over half the items sold on the platform are supplied by SME businesses – just like you!


Walmart eCommerce (US)


If you are already shipping to the USA, then this could easily be another outlet for you. Don’t worry if you didn’t know that Walmart eCommerce was even a thing; it is not widely known outside the US, yet.  CEO Mark Lore has hinted that the best selling categories are clothing, shoes, jewellery and fashion.




Again if you have a comfortable international shipping policy, this is a platform worth considering.  Too often we are put off by things we do not know much about, but with a bit of research, we are happy to say that it is a simple process.  Again there are some compelling statistics here.  In one-quarter, eBay generates $17.8 billion., which sounds good right?  Until you consider that in China on November 11th, 2016, Alibaba made that in one day.  Yep – one day. Selling in China using Alibaba is certainly something worth considering.




Another popular platform in the US that you might not have heard of.  Obviously again this requires you to ship internationally but, in the current marketplace, this is worth considering whatever platforms you use. Offerup took over $14 billion in transactions in 2016 and offers an experience similar to eBay whether you are selling from your business shop or flogging unwanted things from your home.




Why have you not heard of these platforms before!  Well, Wish is pretty huge dealing in more than 1 million sales per day across the US and Europe – good news if you prefer to keep your shipping a little closer to home.  You will be selling to a captive audience of 200 million shoppers, and the number is increasing by 250,000 a day.


There is clearly a myriad of reasons why expanding your marketplaces could seriously benefit your revenue.  If you would like any more advice about selling on one of these platforms and need help setting them up, why not give us a call.


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