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Have You Been Suspended from eBay?

If you have been suspended from eBay – read this post before you do anything else.  You can make a cup of tea to read with, but do not take any action until you fully understand what has happened and what your options are.  Being suspended can happen to any user, and for many people, it is a massive shock.  A suspension means that you can no longer sell, which is a huge blow if your whole business is retail – so let’s take a look and the why and what of suspension.

But My Feedback is Perfect

Yes, that is quite likely.  It doesn’t matter if your feedback is the full 100% perfect and you have 30,000 of those all important 5-star ratings, you can still be suspended.  Suspensions are usually served for one of three reasons, in order of most likely; defect rate, refund issues, unpaid account.

After that, well unfortunately with a company that size mistakes do happen.  So, an appeal is always your best bet, but do not jump straight in.  Keep reading.

Keep Calm 

First of all, eBay does not like emotional tirades.  As stressed and upset as you might be you need to stay calm.  If you are suspended, you should be sent an email explaining why.  Read it thoroughly, and make sure you understand why this has happened.  If you do not have an email ask eBay to send it again – do this calmly – not accusatorially – spam filters and busy lives can just as easily be the reason emails disappear.  Assuming a conspiracy and getting angry and irate will not work in your favour here.

Do Not Open a New Account

The internet whispers will most likely suggest that you need to open a new account.  At this stage, we would strongly advise against that plan.  Everyone will know someone, who knew someone, who had to open a new account and start from scratch.  In some cases this may become your only option – but not yet. The eBay Gods are angered by this approach, so if you are hoping to get your original account reinstated – WAIT.  Accept the no trading period and focus your time and attention on your appeal.

Yes, You Need to Appeal 

Now, if you have been suspended, and it was not a random clerical error, you probably broke some rules.  Pleading the fifth probably won’t get you far.  Your best bet is a clearly worded, calm and factual appeal.  Leave the emotional stuff out.  Yes it might be your livelihood, and no this is not convenient but who is going to sit and read a 5-page rant and try and decipher the facts? No-one.  Use the hands up, admission of guilt approach and outline how you can rectify the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Defects System 

As we mentioned above the most likely reason for the suspension is an unacceptable defect rate.  If you are sitting there wondering what the defect policy is – hang your head in shame.  Yes, eBay is a very convenient way to sell, but too many sellers do not read the rules or small print.  Learn the rules and avoid issues.  If eBay does not accept your appeal, and you do have to start again, the last thing you want is to see history repeat itself because you didn’t learn from your mistakes.  If you are struggling with a suspension, or your defect rates are soaring, get in touch, and our experienced team can point you in the right direction.

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