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Here Comes the Summer Sun

One of the keys to developing a successful shop is learning to pitch to the current climate – and by that, we mean both the weather and current events in the world.  This can be tricky if your product range is particular but entirely possible to change the slant of your promotions and advertising to make buyers realise they do need your products after all.  There are some categories that do better in the summer, and there are clever tricks to marketing products that might normally do better in winter.  First off let’s take a look at what sells as the mercury rises.

Beautiful Brides

A higher percentage of couples want to get married in the summer months as there are more chances of seeing the sun. However this isn’t guaranteed, and people are starting to lean towards late summer early autumn.  Either date scenario means there are buyers aplenty in the market for wedding goods.  Wedding dresses, wedding presents and mother of the bride outfits are all popular searches at this time of year, so if your items fit this category be sure to be creative with your keywords and descriptions. Your optimum keyword here is ‘Weddings.’

Festival Fever

Summer also plays host to a myriad of music festivals, and while Glastonbury might have passed there are still plenty more happening for the next few months. Suncream, tents, and as this is good old Britain wellies and waterproofs are topping the searches with festival goers.  If you have a product to enhance sleeping under canvas here is your chance to get it out there. Your optimum keyword here is ‘Festivals.’

School Shoppers

Parents seem to fall into two categories for September preparation – there are the eager beavers who hit the shops as school breaks for summer and then there are the more cautious who want to wait till late August in case their kids have a growth spurt over the holidays. Either way, if you stock school clothes, backpacks, stationery and lunch boxes you are in with a chance of higher sales if you get your listings right.  Technology sellers do well here too as kids are doing more online, so sales of laptops and tablets also rise now.  Your optimum keyword here is ‘Back to School’

If you do not have products that feature in these categories you can still appeal to the summer buyers.  We have already seen that wellies and waterproofs are in demand, so if you stock winter gear now could be the time to do a promotional sale for winter early birds – or offer a coat in summer because of the unstable climate we live in.  Most items can be cleverly marketing to target audiences year round; it just requires thought and planning.  Pay attention to what is popular in cinemas, what is trending on television and who the most popular celebrities are.  You never know when the perfect marketing ploy will pop up.

Finally, create listings that draw people in.  If you are unsure about creating professional listings why not give us a call and discover how we can help.

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