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Five Star Rated?

One of the key aims of all eBay sellers is to build a solid relationship with their customers.

eBay offers a rating system of five stars (or less) depending on the service that the client feels you have provided. The customers can rank on things like postage and time it takes to ship et cetera.

It can sometimes seem like a long winded process, however keeping customers happy is going to be something you need to do to improve your eBay rating.

With the best will in the world sometimes things do not go according to plan. Remember you can’t sweat the small stuff. If you have made sure that your shipping and packaging processes are robust, but something goes astray because of the mail service there is little you can do about it.  Only suck it up and take the refund or replacement item on the chin depending on how you choose to proceed.  (Fast and customer friendly solutions will help ratings as well.)

Here are some great tips to help boost your relationship with your buyers.

Keep channels of communication open

Making sure that you click the ‘I have posted this now’ button always helps when you’re communicating with buyers. Otherwise, they can feel like they’ve made a purchase and they don’t know what’s happening

If you use tracking information, you need to make sure that you updated this for the buyer so that they can beware of the status of their packages.  However, there are also extra times you can contact the seller just to add value and personalised touch. A quick thank you for your order message is always a good way to go or a business card with a quick note of thanks popped inside the package can make your buyers feel like they are integrating with a human being not just a robot’ which is the fear of online shopping.

Can you afford to ship for free?

Buyers love free shipping, and it means that you can ever be in trouble for overcharging on the posting. Obviously, it means that you need to ensure that you are covering all because you cannot consistently be losing out to your shipping.  You can add the cost of posting your item, and bizarrely enough buyers will spend £40 on an item that they would ignore if it was presented as £30 with £9 post.

So adding the postal cost into the buying price is a commonly used technique.

Shipping abroad isn’t always a good idea

While sending abroad might sound like a generous and active way to run your story can be a double-edged sword, and it can come back to bite you. With the best will in the world, you’re not going to be offering next day delivery on items sent from the UK to the US. However, customers may not always see it like that.  Shipping to places such as the USA from the UK can take longer than would be ideal and cause the buyer to perhaps unfairly leave you a poor ranking when it comes to the time it took for the item to arrive.

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