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Spring Clean Your eBay Listings

Ok, so right now the UK weather is not up to much, but we are in March so spring must be on the way.  Now is a good time to have a look at your eBay listings and see whether you are making the most of them.  That’s right, today we have some great spring cleaning tips to make sure your listings offer your customers the best possible shopping experience and bring you the number of sales you are hoping to see.

Picture This

Each listing offers you 12 pictures for free. Use them. There is nothing more frustrating as a customer than not being able to see properly what you are buying.  Use a variety of shots, the whole item, close-ups, different angles, etc.  Whilst remembering that mobile users make up 60% or more of traffic, so ensure that you have high-resolution photos.  This gives your visitor the chance to zoom in if they want to and have a look in more detail.  If there are any defects or blemishes be sure to show these well.  Hiding an issue is poor practice and will ultimately damage your reputation.

Clean Up Categories

It might sound rather obvious but check that you are listing in the right categories.  Ok, a smartphone charger technically is Mobile and Smart Phones but Mobile Phone Accessories is much better. Make sure that you are aware of all the categories on offer in your niche, there maybe one you didn’t realise existed.

Polish Descriptions

Spelling really does matter – so check that you are spelling everything correctly, people do notice.  Again remember your mobile audience.  Keeping descriptions short but information packed makes the most sense.  Pick a clear layout and font, making the user work to read your description doesn’t end well.  DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!  That is just really annoying!

Check eBay Seller Standards

There have been some changes in returns policies and delivery times.  If you haven’t got a returns policy – you need one.  eBay are pushing this to be 30 days.  Good descriptions and pictures can limit returns as people can be sure they are buying what they actually wanted, so it is worth the effort now, to save time later.  Check your shipping information and do not promise what you cannot deliver.  Set realistic shipping times and stick to them.

Active Content

For this year only a vital component of spring cleaning your listings is removing active content.  It is being removed from eBay altogether in June, and it takes time to clean listings.  We have a lot of information available on the blog about why active content is ceasing, and we can help with alternatives that still make listings look good.  Ignoring active content is not the answer, as, by September, eBay are going to start removing listings that do not comply – and with active content turned off, your listings will just look pretty rubbish, so you won’t be doing yourself any favours.

If you would like more information on optimising your eBay listings or removing active content, give us a call, and a member of our team will be able to help

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