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Simple eBay Shipping Tips That are Easy to Overlook

For a new eBay store owner there are a lot of considerations to occupy their time. Choosing the right eBay templates, pricing the items the right way, writing great sales copy and promoting their store on and off eBay are all things that take up a great deal of time. With so many things to worry about it can be easy to overlook the “simple stuff”, basics like shipping the items your customers buy the right way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when sending out the goods you have worked so hard to sell:

Choose Your Boxes Carefully – No one likes to spend more money on shipping and handling than they really have to, something that holds true for both eBay buyers and eBay sellers. For that reason even eBay power sellers often take advantage of sourcing free boxes from places like their local supermarket.

As long as the boxes are in good shape there is nothing wrong with this – many of these boxes are stronger than the ones you can get from the post office or an office supply store. Just make sure that you cover up any traces of what it used to contain – especially if those items were alcoholic or flammable in nature, as that could lead to your packages being help up unnecessarily by suspicious postal or delivery workers!

Use Airpockets to Protect Fragile Items – If the goods you are shipping are fragile the fact that you need to protect them adequately is a no brainer. You can save yourself money on shipping costs (and better protect your items) if you replace tissue paper or plastic peanuts with air pockets as they weigh next to nothing and provide great protection that is very flexible, which also makes packing goods far easier.

Add a Few Personal Touches – Great feedback is crucial to the success of any eBay store and sometimes even the littlest things can make a big difference to the way customers perceive your products. Taking the extra time to wrap items in a decorative paper or adding a personal thank you note are little extras that can really help you stand out in a customer’s mind, making them not only more likely to leave you great feedback but to also to shop with you again in future!

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