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How to Schedule a Christmas Sale in Your Ebay Shop

eBay Christmas ShoppingWith the busy Christmas shopping season right around the corner, every Ebay seller will be looking for ways to make their auctions and listings stand out from the crowd and attract those holiday shoppers. A great looking well optimised Ebay store is one way of doing that, especially if you add a few extra festive touches. Another is to offer a seasonal sale.

The one thing that everyone loves, whatever they are shopping for is a sale. For some people the thought that they got a real bargain on the item they just bought is almost as thrilling as having found it in the first place. That is why; if you are an Ebay shop owner you should consider using the Ebay Markdown Manager feature if you have never tried it before, to create a bit of an extra buzz around your shop.

Markdown Manager is a tool that is exclusively offered to Ebay shop owners. It lets you mark down any item in your store and those savings are then clearly displayed in your listings in much the same way as they are in a physical store complete with eye catching graphics. You can put just a few of your offerings on sale or offer a discount store wide and the sale can last for just a day or for the whole season, it’s your choice.

There are limitations to the feature you should be aware of. Before any item can be included in such a sale it has to have been available in your shop at its “original” price for at least 28 days and any sale can only run for a maximum of 14 days. The minimum discount you can offer is 5% and most you can take off your regular list price is 50%. You can see all the details of the promotion by navigating to My eBay > Marketing Tools > Item Promotion> Markdown Manager in your stop control panel.

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