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Are You Planning a January eBay Sale?

After the madness of Christmas has passed, and everyone has well and truly over indulged, buyers love nothing more than hunting out a bargain in the January Sales. A sacred tradition that started way before the likes of Black Friday. The question is are you planning to have a sale in your eBay store?

We have some helpful hints for getting your items flying off the virtual shelves and into the hands of eager buyers.

Get Organised

Firstly decide on what you are going to be putting in the sale. Do you have specific items or are you going to run a storewide promotion. Have a plan and a deadline. Sales in Markdown Manger can run from 1-14 days (you must run for at least a day). Are you planning to clear old stock or are you just hoping to increase sales with a bit of extra traffic. Be sure to factor in postal costs if you are offering free postal services.

Use Markdown Manager

Do not just go in and change the prices of your listing. Use the Markdown Manager as this shows up on the listing as a sale / discounted price, and shows the original price for comparison. If you just change your listing prices no one will know they are getting a bargain!

eBay offers 2 ways of reducing fixed priced listings. You can either reduced them by an amount or by a percentage. Do you want to offer 10% off everything, or £4 off certain items? Auction style listings cannot be put into a sale. Percentage discounts can be anything from 5% to 75%.

If you have a basic shop you can add 250 listings a day to a sale. For Featured Shops this is 2500 listings and for Anchor shops 5000 listings a day. Once a sale has finished (14 days maximum) you cannot offer another discount on the same listing for 24 hours.

Get Promoting

Markdown Manager does more than just adjust your prices. Your new sale prices will show up in

  • Listings
  • Cross promotions in listing
  • Search results within a shop
  • Items I’m watching section of ‘My eBay’
  • Watched item reminder emails
  • Shops promotion boxes
  • Seller email marketing

However, you should also be advertising your sale on your blog, website, social media channels etc. Get a series of post scheduled now, and particularly for the week between Christmas and the New Year, as more people are likely to be home surfing the net then.

Send a Promotion Email

Also with in the Markdown Manager tool you can promote your sale via email to your newsletter subscribers. Follow the simple prompts in the ‘Promote your sale’ section, but this must be done before your sale has started. Once the items are on sale this option disappears. If you do not have a subscriber list, but have obtained customer emails legitimately for newsletter purposes you can se up email lists.

If you are concerned about sales or worried that your listings are not up to scratch give us a shout, we have a wide variety of solutions to help you maximise your eBay sales.

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