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PayPal Most Trusted Brand in Mobile Payments

paypal most trusted mobile payment brandOver at The PayPal Blog, they reference a survey carried out by market research firm GfK, in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, and South Korea, that has seemingly found PayPal to be the most trusted brand in mobile payments – more so than Visa, Mastercard, Apple, and Nokia.

The survey questioned consumers for perceptions on both remote payments and proximity payments. Evidently, the power of branding is illustrated when, according to The PayPal Blog’s report on the survey, the #1 reason given for consumers’ trust in PayPal is that they know it works and have used it in the past successfully:


“At a global level, trust usually drives mobile payment service preference. However, for PayPal, the drivers are completely different. The fact that consumers have already used PayPal to send or receive remote mobile payments before drives consumer preference for the brand when it comes to proximity based mobile payments. Closely following this familiarity of PayPal’s remote service (30%) comes the fact it is deemed a specialist in processing payments generally (21%). Trust (17%) remains important for PayPal, but is only the third most important stated purchase driver.”


For more on this, have a look at the report yourself. As a follow-up on this, AuctionBytes have written about the ‘digital wallet’ battle between PayPal and their competitors. It makes for interesting reading.

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