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Optimise Your eBay Shop for Mobile Devices

Over the last year there was a massive increase in those using mobile devices to access the internet.  Mobile devices are now the most popular way to access eBay, and this includes those that use the app, and those that prefer to go through a web browser.

This has now made mobile optimisation vital for all those who sell on eBay.  Mobile optimisation basically means ensuring that your pages are correctly configured to render well, and importantly, automatically and seamlessly, no matter what device or screen size a customer chooses to access from.  The content on your pages should still display correctly, and be easy to read and navigate without loads of scrolling around looking for buttons and links

Active Content Removal

Mobile optimisation of listings was made easier because certain things could be achieved using active content, however, overall active content slows down websites and is not the most secure technology.  eBay made the decision to remove active content as a feature, which means that from the spring of 2017, sellers can no longer format their pages using it.  In some cases this will see shops and listings go from being optimised well for mobile users, to looking rather substandard.

However, there is still plenty of time to change your store and templates to make sure that this does not happen to you.  Obviously the main eBay areas are mobile optimised as this is within the remit of eBay themselves, however the individual listings layout belong to the seller.

Work with eBay

The eBay app also carries a good degree of mobile formatting so your listings follow a predefined format, however there are still areas the fall to you to maintain and if you do not optimise them for mobiles you could well lose sales.  Buyers using either the app or the web browser do not want to spend ages scrolling around desperately looking for information.  They want to access a listing that makes it clear, in a mobile friendly way, exactly what you are selling. It is pretty much a forgone conclusion that such listings will be the ones that get the sales over badly structured pages that forgot to take mobile optimisation into account.

Whilst a plain text only approach can work for mobile optimisation, we realise that this does not offer any scope for branding, which of course is important for creating an eBay shop that builds a great reputation and offers excellent customer retention.

However all is not lost, mobile responsive designs are the perfect solution!

Not only will you comply with the new eBay rules coming by June 2017 and have a mobile responsive website that will be ready to face all new mobile devices and offer user friendly experiences regardless the device used to access your shop, you will gain extra benefits:

A mobile responsive design assures that the entire page of a website loads within seconds. This is just impossible with a desktop website.

Google loves mobile responsive websites, and you want to make sure that your website or eBay listings are what Google loves.

You will have the shop frontage you can be proud of, that lets you build you brand and increase revenue.

To find out more about mobile responsive designs, contact a member of our sales team today.


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