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Music Magpie Feedback First

In the history of eBay never has one store attained a feedback score of over 5 million. Music Magpie has now done just that. If you are based in the UK, you have probably heard of the company. They originally started out buying old CD’s and DVD’s off people that wanted to make a few quid, as opposed to just slinging them in the bin. Individuals were pretty much guaranteed never to get rich, but the concept flew. Other companies now mimic their service, but Music Magpie is still one of the biggest.

Exponential Growth

Once they had all the unwanted entertainment media, they were obviously planning to resell it. So users were given a pittance as they still want to have a decent markup on sales. While CD’s and DVD’s are all well and good the company did not stop there, and moved into unwanted games consoles, mobile phones and other electrical goods. They now have a roaring trade and can buy cheap and sell low – which is, of course, how they attract so many sales. Individual sellers would need to sell many items to make a profit, and of course then still have to cope with the postal charges. Music Magpie obviously has some mega power when it comes to postage costs.

With their size behind them, they are now able to offer warranties on things like mobile phones, which makes them even more tempting to users who want a handset without the trappings of a contract. So, perhaps it should come as little wonder they have such a massive feedback profile.

There are many big names selling on eBay, but mobile phones have always been one of the top grossing categories, so they are certainly set well to achieve this accolade.
Not Everyone is Impressed

In the comments of other articles releasing this news story, you will see users complaining about their negative and neutral feedback. Over the last month, they have 592 negative and 527 neutral feedbacks – with 126665 positive transactions taking place.

Some keyboard warriors are horrified by these numbers and consider they are not a good business, however, their overall feedback percentage still at 99.4% which frankly isn’t going to put many people off.

We would question how practical it is to carry out that many transactions and not upset someone. Complaining is human nature, and without wading through every negative or neutral comment left it is hard to know what went wrong on those transactions, but as any eBay seller knows, buyers do not always play fair. There could be issues that are beyond their control (parcels going astray and buyers being annoyed they have to make arrangements to collect them from sorting offices, etc.) and there are of course those who do not bother to read descriptions.

Many of their phones and other electronic equipment comes with a grade. These are all preowned items that have been tested and repaired – and issued with a warranty but is some cases they may not be aesthetically perfect. It does make this clear in the description, but you know how well buyers read those sometimes.

Overall, for the amount of positive transactions, and overall feedback percentage Music Magpie has we would say that this is indeed a pretty awesome accolade and once they should be proud of.

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