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Minimise Your Auction Risks Using eBay Buyer Requirements

Minimise Your Auction Risks Using eBay Buyer RequirementsYou will encounter a few bad buyers as they run their business is something that experienced eBay store owners know is almost inevitable. There are a number of ways an eBay seller can at least minimize those risks though. One of the most effective is to use the buyer Requirement settings when placing eBay listings.

What are Buyer Requirements?

eBay allows all sellers – whether they are posting individual auctions or have an eBay store – to set Buyer Requirements for every listing they submit. These are a set of optional conditions you can add to an auction to minimise the chances that a winning bidder will not pay or will otherwise try to defraud the seller.

Available Buyer Requirements include the following:

● Blocking bids form buyers who do not have an active PayPal account
● Requiring that a bidder have a certain number of positive feedbacks in order to bid
● Blocking bids from buyers who have an unpaid item strike.
● Blocking bids from buyers who have addresses in countries you do not post to.
● You can block bidders by ID if you have had a problem with a certain buyer in the past.

Setting Buyer Requirements

If you have never done so before setting buyer requirements is very easy:

● In the my eBay tab navigate to the Site Preferences tab
● Once there select Selling Preferences> Buyer Requirements>Show
● Click Edit
● You will now be presented with a list of options. Choose the ones you want to use.
● Clicks submit when you are finished. You can return at any time to change your requirements again.

There are those eBay store owners who do not use these functions because they want their auctions to be available to as many people as possible. The beauty of the system though is you do not have to be too restrictive. Everyone has to start somewhere on eBay so you may be right in giving a buyer with 0 feedbacks a chance. And it may be that a buyer will only create a PayPal account once they win an auction or prefers to use a credit card. However if a person has negative feedback, or unpaid item strikes they are already a risk and as an eBay seller you may be better off declining their business.

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