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Magento for eCommerce – The Facts

When you mention Magento, you can often be faced with a sea of blank faces, but it remains one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms.  Other platforms have come and gone and not proven to be as robust as Magento, so why are people still reluctant to use it?  Below are some Magento facts that will help you get to know the platform better.In the Top Two 

When it comes to looking at eCommerce platforms, and by that we mean the software behind online shopping – not platforms like eBay and Amazon, Magento is actually in the top two Alexa Top 1 million ratings, beaten only by WooCommerce.  There are over 14,500 online shops running on the Magento platform which gives it an 18% share of the market for the Alexa index – which is the second largest share.  On a global scale the figures dilute slightly because there are hundreds of eCommerce platforms available – however even taking the entire world wide web into consideration Magento ranks 3rd, which translates 168,000 Magento stores and giving them an 8% share of the market.


But the Most Popular

The Alexa Top 1 Million data was also analysed to rank these million websites by popularity.  In this case, Magento storms ahead with a cracking 29.1% ranking, making WooCommerce sit in second place.  To be a popular eCommerce platform the software needs to be user-friendly, easy to understand and of course, deliver a first rate shopping experience to customers.



Because Magento is an open source software, the expansion potential is pretty limitless.  If you need your shop to do something, there is probably a developer somewhere that has done it, and if not, there are many developers who love a challenge and will make it a thing just like that.  This makes Magento a massively versatile option for eCommerce, and one of the reasons why we chose to work with it. On average store holders switching to a Magento based eCommerce solution saw an increase in sales of 62%, which is certainly a figure most store owners are going to be happy with.

Search Engine Friendly 

Magento also offers an excellent SEO experience, which is vital for ensuring your store can be found. There is a lot of data available to evidence that Magento stores hit the first page of Google search result with consistency and reliably, giving those store holders an excellent visibility – which let’s face it, is what we are all looking for.

Set to Grow

Using all the data available since the platform was first released, we can see that Magento hits year on year growth.  In 2016 the number of online customers who bought from Magento based stores was 51 million.  Based on the growth model this is predicted to be 98 million in 2020 which is an increase of 200%.  In monetary terms, this was $100 billion revenue in 2016, and that is set to rise to $224 billion by 2020.  The bottom line is that Magento is a valuable eCommerce tool that should not be overlooked.

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