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Improving Your Chances of an eBay 5 Star Rating from Your Buyers

One of the most important things to an eBay store owner are those star ratings that customers have the chance to leave after a transaction is complete. Getting a five star rating is not always that easy though as even if you believe the transaction went without a hitch that does not mean you buyer really thought so. Just like would be the case if you were running a bricks and mortar storefront the fact is that you are never going to please everyone all the time, however hard you try so the occasional “unfair” rating is almost inevitable. There are a few things you can do to help improve the chances that most people will give you a 5 star rating though:

Offer Free Shipping: A great many eBay sellers have worked out that by offering free shipping that is one perfect rating taken care of right away. If you sell bulkier items that may not be cost effective though. If you do charge for shipping though charging exactly what the carrier charges is probably the best idea. You know that the packaging you use costs you money and in reality you have a right to be reimbursed for it but to be blunt the buyer does not care and the extra pound or two thrown onto the shipping costs is unfortunately going to make more than a few buyers feel like they are being ripped off (even though that’s not the case)

Make an Effort on the Communications Front: There is the chance to earn a five star rating for communication but that is the one area a number of eBay sellers fall short on. It does not have to be that way though. A nice quick, friendly email message as soon as the sale is over and a small note of thanks in the packages you send out can make all the difference. If your buyers feel appreciated not leaving a five star rating in this category would be hard for anyone to justify.

Reconsider Where You Ship To: Some eBAy store owners think that if they offer international shipping they will be doing a lot to boost their sales. That is not always the case though and doing so can hurt, rather than help, your eBay store’s reputation. The problem is that not all buyers are reasonable.

In reality to expect a package being shipped by a standard method from say, Basildon, to arrive in upstate New York in a week is not really reasonable at all, but if that buyer is used to purchasing items in the US a fortnight may seem too long in his mind and he (or she) may penalize you in the ratings for it. If that happens several times then it can really affect your overall ratings. So unless you know you can sell a lot abroad sticking to domestic shipping only may be your best bet.

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