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Why Do New Entrepreneurs Often Fail?

Going into business is something that many young people now consider.  It also remains popular for those who have been in the world of the employee for many years and want to make the change to become their own boss.

From the perspective of someone who does work for themselves, it has to be said that I can understand the attraction.  While starting a business is hard work, it is also rewarding work.  Your hours maybe longer and sometimes you may despair at ever taking a holiday again, but once established the benefits of coming and going to please yourself are something everyone who runs their own business will confirm, make it all so worth while.

Get Help!

However, no one said that starting a business is simple.  The strange thing is many people do not ask for help, they struggle on alone, and many times this means that they decide to close their enterprise before it has a chance to get going.  To be honest starting a business is not easy, and it does take grit and determination, but even with those things in place, it can be a truly lonely road if you walk alone.  Which is where a consultant can come in.

Using the services of a consultant makes sense on so many levels.  Consultants are successful business people that have already walked the path that you are on.  Reinventing the wheel is something that we always talk about, how pointless it is, and what a waste of effort it is.  Entrepreneurial start ups are no different.  We may all have various products and services on offer, but the basics of getting started are all fundamentally the same.  So why reinvent the wheel and struggle?  It makes so much sense to take tried and tested shortcuts rather than battle down unknown avenues only to reach a dead end.

Learn From Others

As consultants, we have been in the online game since 2000 and have run a number of very successful online businesses.  This means we have already made the mistakes and learned from them.  We have tripped at many stumbling blocks and found a different, more successful way to do things.  Now we really understand what it is to get a business up and running and we are able to share that knowledge.  This is not just limited to start ups; even existing businesses can find themselves going through slow periods and wondering if it is all worth it.  Our knowledge can be the difference between a company folding or flying.  It is also reassuring to know that you are not alone!  How nice to be able to pick up the phone and hear a friendly voice that can help you with a problem!

We are huge advocates of business startups and believe that if anyone has a dream, they should do their best to follow it, which is why we not only help to design and develop websites and e-commerce stores we provide this highly valuable consultant support service.  If you would like more information about what we do, why not get in touch today for a no obligation chat.

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