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The eCommerce Calendar – Part 2 November and December.

Welcome to part two of the eCommerce Calendar.  Last week we looked at some important eCommerce dates coming up over the next few months, but wait – there are more!  Ok, so you have seen December and are pretty convinced you know all about the Christmas rush, well you might be surprised to see what else we recommend! Not all of the dates are major traditional holidays; strange new dates pop up now and then, and some capture the imagination of shoppers and stick – so let’s have a look.

25th November – Small Business Saturday

So, this is a movable date.  It is technically the last Saturday in November, which in 2017 happens to fall on November 25th.  This is a relatively new date (this will be the 8th time it has been held), but when surveyed over 72% of shoppers in the states knew that this was a thing, so if you ship to America – get in there.  We are thrilled that small businesses are getting recognition so would be more than happy if the UK began to embrace this one too.  So, if you are a small business get some great offers up and shout it loud and proud – small businesses are the back bone of the economy!

4th December – Manic Monday

Ok, so we do think some of these dates are a little strange, but if consumers are willing to embrace them and spend money you want to be part of it.  The first Monday in December signals the start of the Christmas shopping rush.  Again, this date has shown year on year growth in terms of the money spent, and people are increasingly turning to the internet to get their Christmas Shopping underway if they haven’t so far.  You will notice big-name players taking part, and that is a pretty sure sign that you need to be involved as well.

11th December – Green Monday

Not heard of this one either? You are forever but this refers to the second Monday in September and a step closer to the total Christmas present madness as shoppers start to panic.  Statistically, although there is no real reason why Monday’s are profitable online shopping days.  It was dubbed Green Monday by eBay after they noticed it was statistically the highest grossing day in December – green being the colour of your money folks.

15th December – Free Shipping Day

Lots of people still get in a bit of a flap about their Christmas present buying.  There are still millions of shoppers hunting those last minute goodies as late as Christmas Eve (which if you can still help with downloadable digital gifts could see you coining some sales). However, the 15th is still a potential shipping date for many.  You need to check your postal methods and be sure to advertise your last guaranteed for Christmas shipping dates, but if you can join in with Free Shipping Day, you could see sales rise.

We are not going to teach you to suck eggs, so Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are a given – and remember this is where the sales begin! Get your plans in place and mark the important dates on your calendar and you could see your sales increase this winter.

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