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The eCommerce Calendar – Part 1 October to November

As online sellers, including those who have their own stores or those selling on platforms like eBay and Amazon, we tend to gear our stock and promotions to calendar events that we know drive sales. Christmas is perhaps the most obvious, but did you know there are many more opportunities where buyers are looking to splash the cash? The global use of the internet has shrunk the world somewhat, and now shoppers of all nationalities join in on important shopping dates that might not apply to their country.  Running special offers and promotions at this time can also see you gain massively in sales, so here is a rundown of the important dates you need to remember for your store.

October 31st – Halloween 

A spooky spectacular, online sales for the Halloween period have shown significant growth year on year for the last five years.  In the UK alone sales for costumes, spooky decorations and food for parties and trick or treaters were estimated to be over £466 million – which is even more than we see on Valentine’s Day.  So if you have ghostly delights or anything theme related get them up for sale from September onwards.  Offering super quick shopping for the more disorganised shopper could work in your favour too

November 10th – Veteran’s Day

One of the holidays that you may not consider, but if you ship to the US this is an opportunity worth tapping into.  Consider a veteran’s discount or special offer just for those who have served. If you have specific product lines, now is a good time to push them.

November 11th – Single’s Day

A lesser known holiday and one that started in China so you will be forgiven for not knowing it exists.  Single’s Day is big business, so again you have the chance to tailor your offers to those who don’t have a partner.  Think it sounds a bit silly?  Sales directly attributable to Single’s Day 2016 topped nearly $18 million.

November 23rd – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving pushes sales figures into the billions.  This is one day that has gone global with people having family and friends in the US or those born in the US no longer living there taking part as well.  Remember that a lot of internet shoppers are favouring mobile devices now so be sure you have your site optimised for mobile traffic as over half of all orders for Thanksgiving 2016 were executed on mobile devices.

November 24th – Black Friday 

Another massive event – almost doubling the revenue from Thanksgiving.  This is all about offers.  Try and come up with some great deals for your products and get the buzz building from about two weeks before.  Exclusive Black Friday deals are not always that amazing, but if the company creates the excitement correctly in the lead-up, people will feel like they are getting something super amazing and just have to purchase it.  Make your Black Friday deals available on that day only – shoppers are impulsive and will want to snap up a bargain before it goes.

Don’t forget to check back next week for part two and find out about more important eCommerce dates you need to know.

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