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Ebay Store Owner and Ebay Sellers Rules to Live By

However long you have been an eBay seller or even an eBay store owner every day brings something new – whether it is a great stock find or a difficult customer. A good eBay seller is aware of this and is pretty flexible – but there are certain unchanging rules that any eBay seller should live by.

Understand the Rules as They Exist Right Now – As eBay has changed and evolved over the years so have the rules and regulations that govern auctions and the actions of both buyers and sellers. However great an eBay storefront you may have and however much you sell if you do not keep up with what these regulations currently are then you quickly find yourself in trouble if you violate one – even if you did not realise you were. The eBay blog “The Chatter” is a great way to keep up with all of these kinds of things and it only takes a few minutes a day to read new posts.

Take More Time Than Ever to Get Great Pictures – Whatever you happen to sell on eBay it is more important than ever that the pictures you include in your listings are clear, crisp and above all present an accurate representation of the goods on offer. Having a great looking eBay store is a wonderful thing and it will certainly help draw bidders in but the images in your auctions are as much of a draw and if they do not truly reflect what you are selling they could lose you a sale, or worse still earn you poor feedback from an unhappy seller.

Keep Calm and eBay On.

Occasionally you will encounter a difficult buyer who it seems can simply not be pleased, however hard you try or how many times you explain something. Losing your temper and engaging in a war of words with such a buyer is rarely a good idea though. If you really cannot reason with a customer and you are fairly certain that you are right and can prove you are then let them make good on their probable threat to open a dispute against you, something that scares even the most experienced of eBay sellers.

The best thing to do though is keep calm and eBay on. Mediating is something that eBay does very well and if you are in right and your communications have been calm, polite and reasonable (eBay will review all correspondence between you and the buyer) you will usually be vindicated in the end.

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