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Why Every eBay Store Owner Needs to Blog

Several years ago eBay sellers used to have the ability to create a blog right from the site as a part of the eBay store tools package but that function has long since disappeared. That has not stopped some of the most successful powersellers out there from blogging though, as they have just created their own off site version. And in fact there are a number of reasons why, as long as you go about it in the right way, an independent blog can be a great promotional tool for any eBay store owner.

Where to Blog

If you do not want to spend a great deal of money on your blog the good news is that you don’t have to. WordPress, Blogger and the newer Tumblr are all great free blogging platforms that you can get set up in, at the most, a few hours. By using a free option you won’t have “your own” URL but for this kind of blog that is really not too much of a concern. Its purpose is to inform potential customers and drive traffic to your eBay store, not to become a stand alone business site.

Even if you do opt for a free blog there are still plenty of options to choose from so if you can find one that is at least similar, in terms of colour pallet and layout to your eBay shop templates that will help “build your brand” even further. These blogging platforms all also support plenty of plug ins that will allow you to add your own branded header or logo and plenty of images, all of which you can use to integrate the blog with your eBay templates.

How to Blog and What to Blog About

By maintaining a blog you can give buyers – and potential buyers – far more information about the products you sell and even about your business itself. Another advantage of a blog is that it can be used to attract people who do not really make a habit of shopping on eBay. The trick to doing this is adding interesting, original content with the right amount of relevant keywords (not more than 1.5-2% to satisfy current search engine preferences) If you do that there is a better chance that a person doing a general Google search for the good you sell will be directed to your blog, from where you can direct their interest to your eBay store.

Once your blog is set up and you have begun adding content don’t forget to add a direct link to it to your eBay listings. Having a place that people can visit to find out more about an item than you have room to list may even help swing a purchasing decision in your favour!

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