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eBay And Social Networking: Marriage?

ebay and social media

Why the interest in social networking, we wonder?

I just read an interesting article over at AuctionBytes: eBay Surveys Customers on Social Networking Activities. Apparently, eBay sent an email to a subset of users, asking a series of questions on social networking, mostly.


Amongst the topics in the survey were questions on which social networking sites were used, what activities were engaged in on them (e.g., video-posting, networking, commenting, etc), frequency of use, and mobile device used (if any) to access these sites. And that’s not all.

It Makes You Think…


Topics also broached, were online shopping habits, and which online places users frequented – aside from eBay, channels listed included Amazon, Facebook, and Oodle, You Tube Applications. EBay also seemed interested in the categories within these shops, that users mainly shopped in, with further questions on ‘computers and consumer electronics’. Interesting questions, indeed.

Author, Ina Steiner, makes an interesting point that it is interesting that eBay is now asking these questions on social networking, given that they used to be much more community orientated in the past. The question is, where are they going with this? Any ideas? Only time will tell.


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