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Are your eBay listings 2017 ready?

In the new year eBay will be making some significant changes to the way listings are added to the platform. The changes effect item descriptions, as eBay has decided to remove active content. This significant rule change, which will come into place in early 2017, will prohibit the use of JavaScript. Flash, plug-ins and form actions. You will no longer be able to use any of these in your listings.

If you are not sure what these features are, we are talking about things like search boxes, drop down menus, a live chat option or the scrolling galleries that showcase other items also on sale. See this list below:

• Adding tabbed pane description.
• Searching a store.
• Links to video.
• Image galleries or carousels.
• Live chat.
• Embedding buyer feedback.
• Freight quotes

Active content has been used to enhance listings and try and set sellers above the competition so it has been a very popular feature however it brings with it a security issues, because it significantly heighten the possibility that malicious code could be included within listings hosted by eBay due to a hacking technique known as cross-site scripting (XSS). Obviously such cyber breaches are damning for a company as large a eBay, and the investment to meet the potential attack was deemed not viable, so for simplicity the decision has been taken to remove it all together.

This is potentially a major upheaval for many business as any seller with active content at the time will need to change their listings which for some sellers runs into thousands, or even tens of thousands of listings. Due the scale of those falling in this category eBay will not be offering a friendly reminder, instead they will simply remove all listings that fail to comply. Such action is clearly not great for a seller as it brings a loss of sales and bad search results once items have been relisted. Sellers with many incorrectly listed items could also fall foul of the eBay zero tolerance approach and find that their accounts are closed with no warning – and once that happens there is no option but to start again.

So, before the chaos ensues – and be assured it will!, get ahead of the game with eSeller Solutions.

Our services enables all listings to be recoded correctly to a format that will still appeal to your buyers but will fully comply with eBay’s new policy. This applies to all listings, including those currently active. Existing customers or new customers alike! Allowing us to take the strain off your already busy day to day activity will save you time, money, headaches and potential account closure.

The eSeller Manager application that our clients use to cross promote, upsell, and make category changes etc is still available. Clearly the software did also use active content but this will also be amended to coincide the new policy so you can continue to use that without fear.

We understand that such a big change will cause unrest and concern for our clients, but please do not sit and fret – give us a call and we can help you understand what needs to be done to make sure all of your listings, both active and in future continue to comply. We can help with bulk active item revisions to get your listings eBay 2017 ready.

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