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Changes to eBay Fees and eBay Shop Conditions – April 2017

Whilst we have all been busy focusing on getting our eBay shop listings ready for the removal of active content in June 2017, eBay has been making other changes to the way it charges business sellers.   The changes are being implemented in two stages, starting 30th March – so what is changing?

Increased Fees

Ok, this immediately sounds like bad news, but however, as you will see further down the blow is being sweetened with a host of new shop benefits, and as it isn’t actually negotiable, it is better to understand it and roll with it.

Change 1 – 30th March 2017:  Additional insertion fees/listing enhancement fees increase

Change 2 – 1st April 2017: eBay Shop subscription fees increase

These fees apply to businesses only, private sellers are not seeing any changes to their fees. There will be no change to the Final Value Fees which is great news as this is possibly the biggest portion of your invoice.  The changes will, of course, affect everyone differently, depending on how you use your listings, but all eBay Shop subscription fees will rise.

But eBay Have Softened the Blow

Whilst there will be an increase in fees, there will also be an increase in benefits and terms, that could really help sellers.

Bigger Fixed Price Item Allowance 

  • Currently, basic shops have 200 free fixed price listings – this rises to 250 per month
  • Featured shops at the moment have 1,200 free fixed price listings – this rises to 1,500 per month
  • No chance to Anchor shops but they already have unlimited free listings, so you can’t really improve on that.

New Auction Listing Allowance 

Not all shops use auction listings but equally, it could be good to give it a try if you have some free credit to spare.  Perhaps try some auctions on slow moving or last season stock.  Or run a couple of A/B testing cases see what works best.

  • Basic shops will receive 50 free auction listings per month (previously 0)
  • Featured shops will receive 300 free auction listings per month (previously 0)
  • Anchor shops will receive 500 free auction listings per month (previously 0)

Credit on Listing Upgrades 

This is a monthly credit applied to shop accounts for listing upgrades and Promote your listings.  Ok, it is not a lot of money but if you have it, you may as well use it!

  • Basic shop – £0
  • Featured shop £10
  • Anchor shop £20

Money Off eBay Packaging

In a similar format to the listing credit, there is also a monthly voucher being made available for you to spend on eBay branded package.  Perhaps not the most appealing incentive, but hey as you have it, you may as well use it.  Just order the allowance amount and you will have extra free packaging and the branding stuff is useful for brand awareness and promotion.

  • Basic shop – £0
  • Featured shop £10
  • Anchor shop £20

For more information on the changes have a look at the eBay sellers area, where everything is explained in detail.  If you would like help getting your listing templates looking spot on, give us a call and see how we can help.

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