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The eBay Design Process

Have you ever wondered what happens once you place an order with someone? Obviously, they set about producing the product you want, but how?  Here at eSeller Solutions we thought we would share what happens when someone purchases an eBay Design from us

So, here it is!  We also made a handy video so you can better understand what we are doing when we take your order!

The eBay design process is broken down into 12 steps, let’s take a look at each in more details

Step 1 – Client Specification 

We ask our client to complete a specification form that provides us with vital information on what exactly is needed, we receive this back in, and we are clear to begin.  At this point, we also set up the payment, and monies are transferred.

Step 2 – Planning

It is now time for us to set up an initial project plan so we can make sure everything is taken into consideration, and all members of our team are aware of their role in this project.  We schedule in design time, so we can get our heads down and start turning ideas into reality.

Step 3 – Design 

Our lovely design team get to work creating an initial concept shop design based on the information our client provided in our specification form.

Step 4 – Concept Design 

So at this stage, we meet with the client once more – virtually, as our customers are located all over the globe.  We present our initial design, and they can have a good look and let us know of any changes – or approve the design.  At this stage, dynamic elements will be described but not coded until final approval has been received.

Step 5 – Design Refinement

Our team return to their desks and get on with making any revisions that the client has submitted.  Once all these have been done, we can generate the final shop design

Step 6 – Design Approval 

We pop back to the client after we have made all changes to get final approval

Step 7 – Build & Test the Design

Our team of clever coding boffins will now code and check the actual shop.  This can be a lengthy process taking up to 2 days to complete – but we need to ensure we get it right.

Step 8 – Launch Shop Design 

The shop design is uploaded to the client’s eBay account.

Step 9 – Item Listing Design 

We create matching item listing design based on the selected layout

Step 10 – Listing Design Approval 

Our work is popped back to the client for listing design approval and checking. Changes can be made if required. Once approval is required, we are off to step 11

Step 11 – Code Listing Design 

The listing HTML is created

Step 12 – Upload to eSeller Manager  – and the job is done!

Why not have a look at the video for a more interactive view!

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