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How Can You See What eBay Has on Next Day Delivery?

The simple answer is you can’t.  I have to confess to being an impatient shopper, and when I decide, I want something I want it like now.  I almost expect to be able to click on an item and have the delivery man turning up at my door within the hour.  Am I alone? Frankly no.  Those who study trends and shopping habits will attest to the fact that shoppers lean more and more to the want it now mentality.  So have eBay shot themselves in the foot here?  I think so.

Major Competitors Catch on

Over the last 12 months we have seen some pretty powerful players offering to ship their goods to you the very next day, with one high street store boasting same day delivery for orders up to 3 pm – now that is pretty impressive.  I have to confess as a shopper leaning towards these as my supplier of choice when I need to fulfil my urgency itch. Now, obviously the high street store does not offer the vast product diversity you find on the likes of eBay, but another internet retailer certainly does.

It will not stop there either.  While it might seem far-fetched and unlikely, drone delivery is being worked on and once one retailer cracks the same day delivery model while maintaining a workable budget, others are sure to follow.  This is not the best news for eBay sellers.

eBay Has a Different Structure

The prime difference between eBay and Amazon, who are clearly the biggest rival is the selling structure.  Many sellers prefer eBay as there is more scope for branding and individuality, and the sales process is easier and more straightforward.  So, when it comes to offering next day delivery, there are challenges that Amazon doesn’t have to contend with.  Amazon holds stock, and sellers can have Amazon do the shipping work for them too, for a fee.  This gives them a large pool of goods to offer on next day delivery – so if a few sellers do not get included it isn’t affecting their overall image.

eBay does not hold stock, and it is down to you the individual seller to ship your items. However, this does not preclude you from offering next day delivery.  If you can get something shipping to the buyer the next day, then go for it.  It is just a sad fact that eBay doesn’t offer any help.

Search Facilities Need Improvement 

The easiest thing that eBay could do, and I do not understand why the don’t offer it, is a search facility that enables buyers to look for items offered with next day delivery.  But, it doesn’t. No one is sure why this hasn’t been made a thing as yet, but we certainly hope it won’t be long.

In the meantime, the onus is on the seller.  Make sure your listings clearly state you can ship for next day delivery, and if possible included it in the title of the listing.  Make sure you shout about your next day delivery on newsletters and social media channels and do not be put off by the services offered by others. Finally consider using Amazon FBA.  Amazon will hold your stock and manage delivers, you continue to sell through eBay.  This can be a great way to make sure next day delivery is completed on your behalf.

If you are not sure how to make the most of your eBay listings to ensure you cover all the important information buyers will be looking for, then why not give us a call and we can help.

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