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eBay Autumn Seller Update to Boost Cross Border Trade

For an increasing number of eBay store owners international orders are becoming big business. In an attempt to ebaymake it easier for more UK businesses to offer their goods to a worldwide market have added some very interesting – and potentially very useful – updated services in their Autumn Seller Update that is well worth any eBay store owner looking into. Here is a quick run down of the new eBay store tools that should make going international easier and more profitable for UK based eBay sellers:

Set Shipping Rates on a Country to Country Basis – The one thing that sometimes prevents an international buyer from actually purchasing from an overseas eBay store is confusion about just how much they will have to pay in shipping costs to their actual address.

Coming with the update will be the ability to set individual shipping rates for each country so that buyers can see right away what their real costs might be. It is more work for the seller when setting up the listing but the payoff for that extra work may very well be an increase in sales to a whole new market.

eBay Translation – Another part of the Autumn Seller Update will be functionality that will allow international buyers to view auction and store items in both their original form and in their own language. The functionality will be built into eBay listing templates so the seller themselves will not actually have to do anything.

Free International Listings – Along with the update eBay will be offering eBay store owners free listings on all the European eBay sites as well as (Australia) as of November 2012.

At the moment sellers often have to open multiple eBay accounts and create an eBay store on each site they want to sell on in order to get their listings seen by all the right overseas buyers. After November though this will change and by choosing to upgrade their store to an Anchor Store (at the cost £349.00) a store owner can then duplicate their listings across as many of these stores as they like.

International trade is certainly not for every eBay store owner but for many it represents a chance to grow their business far beyond their expectations. The good thing for eBay store owners that comes from this section of the Autumn update is are obviously committed to helping eBay store owners who what to take their store global do so with relative ease.

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