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Does Design Matter?

One of the most common things we hear is that design does not matter.  You hear such claims as ‘I know my site looks awful, but I sell stuff so what does it matter?’, or another popular one, ‘Sites like Craigslist have nothing appealing about them – and they work’. People simply believe that top notch design is just an extra that companies sell to force more money out of their clients.

So, Does It Really Matter?

Our experience is that this could not be further from the truth.  Design really does matter.  Design is more than just prettifying our internet presence, whether we are talking about our eBay shop or our websites. If you look at Facebook or eBay, their formatting forces things to look good.  You can only post certain things on Facebook and customisability is low.  This takes away some of the uniqueness of your brand, but ensures the site still looks good.  On eBay the same is true, on the main listings, the searches etc.  But once you click out to a sellers store or item listing, there is more scope to personalise and bad design sticks out like a sore thumb.

Design is More Than Looking Pretty

If we as the Oxford dictionary to define design is comes up with the following

‘[mass noun] Purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object’

Do you notice that the word pretty isn’t there? Design is a much more industrial, work term. Design is simply the intention of your work.  What do we intend to do? Sell things of course.

So how do you come up with a design that brings you profitability and success?

  1. First decide the purpose of what you are selling.  Are you selling something that is useful and practical, or are you selling a little bit of luxury and glamour?  If you do not understand what you are selling and who is looking for it, and why, you cannot ever create a design that works.
  2. So who is your customer?  A good design should appeal to your customer, and that means working out who they might be.  Are you selling to a younger generation, do you have a product largely appealing to mothers, or retired persons, you have to know your target audience.  Whilst you will never strike a chord with everyone, designing to your highest spending audience makes sense.
  3. Do not make wild claims and try to justify them with you product that clearly doesn’t meet the brief.  You are probably not selling ‘the best pushchair on the market’ but you might well be selling an item ‘designed for mums who love to run’ because your design has added safety features and design specification that offers a better stability to mums who jog or run as a hobby.  Match your claims to the design, do not try and force your design to fall short of exaggerated claims

Know When to Ask For Help

Not everyone can perform brain surgery.  I can’t fly an aeroplane.  You might not have the first idea about design, but that is ok.  That is why companies offer design as a service you can purchase.  Not to mug you for money you don’t really need to spend, but because they understand how to create designs that will work for you and bring you increased sales.  Good design is not just about looking good, it is about putting your product in front of the target customer and showing them why they really want to purchase.

For more information on designing your eBay shop or website, please get in touch.

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