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Look After Your Customers and They’ll Look After You

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I was just reading an interesting article over at Dona Kerr on ‘customer reviews‘, and how they can make your customers your best marketers. It made me think that this is more true today than ever before. Today there is nowhere to hide, and any move – positive or negative – is magnified. How do I mean, exactly?

These Are Some Interesting Statistics…


The article in question at Dona’s site, Recommendations from Customers Are the Best Marketing Messages, quotes some interesting statistics regarding customers and their reviews of your products:


– 83% of all holiday shoppers are influenced by customer reviews. (source: Channel Advisor’s Consumer Shopping Habits Survey)

– 64% of shoppers consistently read reviews always or most of the time before making a purchase decision. (source: PowerReviews/e-tailing group’s Social Shopping Study)

– 49% of consumers would leave a website when conducting product research if it lacks customer reviews. (source: PowerReviews/e-tailing group’s Social Shopping Study)

– 78% of people trust consumer recommendations; 14% of people trust ads. (source: Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey)


These are large numbers of people that are relying on the word of complete strangers before making a purchase. But due to the ease, speed, and large number of places at which comments and reviews can be left today, it is nothing out of a customer’s day to leave a quick review on Amazon, FourSquare, or Expedia before jumping on their Facebook profiles or surfing YouTube.

The Yin and the Yang


And because of the reach and speed of social media today, a message can be viewed by thousands before you’ve even turned your computer on. It is easier today than ever before to set-up a website and start selling, but it is a road littered with all manner of associated obstacles. You’d better make sure you’re treating those customers well, or it won’t be long before your name is mud.

Likewise, if you get it right, and are giving those customers what they want, then they will happily follow you, ‘tweet’ you, ‘like’ you, sing your praises, and buy from you again. I suppose it comes down to simple philosophy at the end of the day: leave people better than you found them, and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

And that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?


[Photo courtesy of Thadz]

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