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Cross Selling – Where You’re Probably Going Wrong

There is no doubt that when a customer comes onto your site, they’re often in a mood to buy your goods. This is good because it serves as a chance for you to showcase as many of your products as possible. Many companies use something called cross selling to advertising any items which are relevant to the goods they buy. But why does it matter?

What is cross selling?

To understand how cross selling is so useful regarding making a sale, you should probably ensure that you understand what cross selling is. If you’ve ever been shopping online, and then be offered a range of products which are connected to what you’ve bought, then you’ve been exposed to cross selling. It is all about advertising the products which would compliment the goods you’ve just bought, often in the form of a message that says ‘we’re sure you’d love these products too’.

Is this a better choice than upselling?

The cross selling strategy is one of two which is commonly seen on the internet. The other is called ‘upselling’, which is about trying to sell you the same thing, but on a more expensive basis. As for which is a better choice for your business, there is no one method which is going to work better than another. It is all down to the preference of the customer and isn’t something you can predict. However, if you’ve conducted enough in the way of analytics based research, you should have a good understanding of what it is that your customers are going to respond to, so you’ll be able to make the right call.

Where people are going wrong with cross selling

When it comes to cross selling on eBay, people need to be very careful about which of the two types of cross selling are selected. Dynamic cross promotion is something which will automatically cross reference items which are both in stock and listed. They can be referenced based on any criteria that you set, whether that is by colour or the size of the product. Alternatively, you can have a hard coded variant of cross promotion, which requires updating every time you sell a product. This means that you run the risk of referencing a product which isn’t listed anymore, and this is called a ‘dead listing’.Sadly, you will often find that linking to a dead listing is an exercise which will just lose you valuable interest and sales.

Overall, it is apparent that making sure you have your cross promotion set to dynamic is the best way forward to ensure you make as many sales as possible. Obviously, you want to avoid the dead listings wherever possible to guarantee that your sales are constantly high. If you’d like some assistance with making sure that your cross selling is the best it can be, then please give us a call so an experienced member of the team can assist you with your problems.

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