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What Does the Consumer of 2017 Look Like?

Whether you are selling on one of the marketplace platforms such as eBay or Amazon, or whether you have your own e-commerce outlet (or perhaps all three), it helps to understand what your buyers are looking for and more importantly who they are.  Obviously depending on the product you are selling your buyer persona will vary and that is for you to try and establish as a company however overall the consumer of 2017 favours certain things over others, and it’s helpful to understand this when pitching your products.

They Like it Mobile

The consumer of 2017 likes mobile devices. Whether that is tablets or mobile phones, more and more people are reaching for these devices when they want to make a purchase. Currently, it is estimated that over 60% of consumers use their mobile device to make purchases.  So as a retailer you need to ensure that you are meeting their need. This means that your website needs to be mobile optimised.  If you are on eBay or Amazon, this is done for you but if you have your own e-commerce website is up to you to ensure that it has been optimised for mobile use.

A New Channel for Generating Customer Loyalty and Interest. 

Apps are also popular, and it is entirely probable that you should also have an app affiliated with your business. Mobile devices are ideally placed for sending special offers, and instantly redeemable coupons at timely points and app push notifications are perfect for this.

Buyers Care About the Environment

Environmentally friendly products are capturing the consumer imagination. If you can tie your products into being ecologically friendly, you should see a rise in interest. The mobile use market means that you can minimise the amount of paper needed to run your company, so competitions, receipts, and invoices can all be sent electronically, a point you can promote.

Social Media Storm

It is a pretty safe bet to assume that if someone has shopped via their mobile or tablet, they are also probably registered on and use social media sites.  We know that social media continues to boom and by the end of the year it is expected that 2.5 billion people will have active accounts on social media channels. Social media advertising is replacing television advertising campaigns. It is cheaper and more readily accessible to businesses of all sizes. You need to be on social media and create for yourself a fun and interactive brand awareness that draws people to you.

The Instant Gratification Generation

Finally, it is worth remembering that this generation wants everything now. If you can work to expedite shipping and get customers their goods sooner rather than later you are more likely to score the buyer. If this is not practical, you need to sell the merits of why it is going to be delayed.

Buzzwords like ‘bespoken’ and ‘handmade’ are always good if your items are going to take longer to arrive especially if you are indeed tailoring them specifically for each customer. You can also reward the impatient customer with money off subsequent orders or other exciting news and information sent directly to their device.

Learning what buyers want is always a great way to ensure that you are getting the customers you hope to.  If you need any technical assistance with e-commerce platforms or apps, eBay and Amazon listings why not contact one of our team today and they will be delighted to help