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Clever Marketing Ideas for Christmas 2017- Part 1

So Christmas is creeping ever closer.  If you ship internationally, you will also be caught up in the marketing frenzy for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  If you do not get your marketing plans sorted you run the risk of being overlooked.  So, we have put together some ideas that you might not initially think of but should help you stand out from the crowd at a time when every online retailer is looking to get their products seen.  Let’s start with one massive trend for 2017.

Take Advantage of Live Functionality 

Facebook is probably your best platform for this particular marketing tip, as they can ‘Go Live’ and their platform is better for tracking orders and sales.  First of all, you will need to create a bit of a build up.  You are looking to engage with the most significant audience possible so schedule a time for the live feed when you know lots of your target market will be around.  In the UK early evenings tend to be good.  People are home from work, have sorted dinner and are chilling on the sofa with bank cards close at hand.  Make it known from about a week before that you will be going live with some carefully selected products that you just know your customers are going to love.  Whether you offer them at full price or pop a 10% discount for orders during the live video feed is up to you – this trick has worked well clearing whole warehouses of full price product.

When your live slot arrives, go live and give people a few moments to get logged in and set up.  Try and avoid camera silence, so have a plan to talk about the company while you wait for people to be ready.  Mainly you are looking to do a live review.  Have the product available on camera and know what you want to say.  Then sell it for all the merits you can think of.  If it helps have a second member of the team answering comments and fielding orders.  Push for immediate payment if possible, so people haven’t time to change their minds.

The human touch is something that is often missing from e-commerce stores when compared to bricks and mortar alternatives.  While the trends show that shoppers prefer online shopping for the convenience, this doesn’t always mean they like the sterile lack of interaction.  Seeing a product being reviewed is a great way to engage buyers.  So, think about the uses, think about what props you might need to showcase it correctly – for example if you have a kettle – you will need water.

Keep the background of your video as plain and uncluttered as possible and make sure the camera is on a tripod, so it remains still. If you work from home, keep your children and pets out of the room, unless of course, they can add value to a product that is explicitly aimed at them.  Try and be fun and friendly, you can have people ask questions, but you will need to monitor the comments to see them.  The live function is massively popular, so if you don’t get the results you hoped for the first time, pick another product and try again.

If you are unsure of how to make the most of your social media channels, why not give us a call.  Our team can help you with many issues from e-commerce to social media and most things in between.

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