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How Many Channels Are You Selling On?

multiple channel selling

Companies are embracing online selling in a big way

A good article over at TameBay, called Over 50% of online retailers use more than 5 channels, discusses the viability of selling across multiple channels. As you’ll read, it’s not something that is so easily justified…

According to ChannelAdvisor, for medium and large retailers, established channels are the focus of their selling, with new channels such as social commerce following closely behind. The survey they carried out to determine this showed that even though over half of the participants are already active on more than five online channels, 87% of companies are wanting to increase the number of online channels they are selling on, within the next three years.

Who Comes Out On Top?


The good news for Amazon was that they are the channel most desired by the survey respondents to venture into. Indeed, one in four people identified the online behemoth as the channel most likely to increase sales, beating eBay, paid search marketing channels (Amazon), comparison shopping sites, social networks, and even their brands’ own e-commerce sites.

The survey showed that 85% of the retailers currently sell in more than one channel online, with 54% selling in more than 5 channels. As for social commerce? More and more online retailers appear to be testing the water.

According to the survey, 40% are active on Facebook, and 32% active on Twitter. One in five retailers see social networking as a channel in its own right. And when it comes to Facebook, 64% use it for marketing, and 32% for community engagement.

How Important Is Social Networking?


The word from James Scott, EMEA MD of ChannelAdvisor, on the social networking growth, is:


“Retailers need to keep a very close eye on the more revolutionary models now being explored in social commerce. These platforms have huge potential and those businesses that can crack social commerce will have a chance to put themselves way ahead of the competition, which explains the uptake of channels such as Facebook and Twitter”


So what about you, fellow online retailer? Are you selling through multiple channels? Amazon, eBay, social marketing? With so many places to choose from, is the optimum strategy to sell in as many as possible, or to choose a handful and concentrate on these? What are your thoughts?


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