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What is Blogging and Why Does an Online Store Need A Blog?

The number of online stores that do not have a blog is quite alarming.  Unless you are thriving on a massive reputation, you need to be doing everything possible to maximise the chances of reaching your potential customers.  Blogging falls under the umbrella of social media marketing and is something you need to be doing.

What is Blogging

Blogging is a form of article writing.  When you blog, you are looking to build a reputation for yourself as a compelling authority in your area.  As you build your reputation, you aim to create followers to your blog, who will hopefully enjoy reading what you write so much they will start to share it with their friends, usually via their social media.  This means that you will need to have your social media channels up and running.  By sharing on your social media pages you are also widening the reach, so more people will see it.

What A Blog is Not

A blog is not a sales pitch.  While this might seem counterintuitive if you are always advertising and pushing your products you are likely to leave your customers (and prospective customers) cold and disinterested.  By all means, reference your shop at the end of your blog post, but overall this is not advertising, this is information sharing.

So What Do You Write About?

Well, in a blog you can write and comment about things that are happening in your industry.  You can, just like this blog, help others by teaching them something that will benefit them, or you could review a product you sell (without pushing the sale though!).  You are aiming to cast yourself as an authority in your market so that you build trust.  Through trust, you will be demonstrating brand awareness and becoming a name that people recall.  Google is a great place to start for blog post ideas, by using their news search you can see what is happening in your arena.  For example, we have been keeping our blog readers up to date on eBay’s decision to remove active content from listings.  This is educational and helpful to others in the industry who have a vested interest in understanding what is changing.

Blogging Requires an Open Mind

In eCommerce, there is a temptation to become closely guarded, and only share knowledge or information when the cash is on show.  Yes, it can be frustrating if a customer comes to you to get details on a product they later purchase somewhere else, but honestly, that is a risk you take.  If you review the latest telescope available in your store, in an entertaining and informative way, the link to your store at the bottom will be a natural progression for someone interested in purchasing. If they later buy from somewhere else, you need to look at these as cart abandonment issues and look at why.  Are you priced competitively?  But from a blogging point of view, giving away some information, on a blogging platform, has been proven by experts to enhance not detract from sales.

If you would like more information on getting a blog set up, please do give a member of our team a call and they will be happy to help.

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