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Beating The Competition On EBay

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Are you utilising the power of eBay..?

EBay is a very useful website for businesses looking to sell their products online and it is also very useful for customers who are looking for the very best product deals online or alternatively products that are hard to find anywhere else. But why should you have a presence there..?

As a result eBay is an absolute must for all businesses that are trying to succeed online because this is a direct channel to potential customers who want to spend their money on products that your business sells.

A Word On Strategy


With eBay being a very popular website, it means that the competition with businesses competing on eBay is extremely high. This means that as a business you need a good strategy in place to make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition on eBay.

A very good strategy to employ to help differentiate your eBay shop from the competition is to have a custom eBay shop design and an eBay item template design which will make your eBay shop look totally unique and branded and designed towards your business. Branding on eBay is very important and if done well it can give the impression of a very professional business, which in turn will help potential customers have more trust in buying from you. If people see a stunning eBay shop design, it will improve buyer confidence, and increase the likelihood that they will bookmark your store.

Good customer service is extremely important for eBay success because eBay operates in a way that a customer can leave feedback after a sale. So your customers’ experience with you – as well as your customer service – needs to be spot on, otherwise you run the risk of a negative feedback response.

The Power Of Social Media


Using social media websites such as Facebook is a very good idea, as well, for your business to succeed on eBay, as you can ask customers that were happy with your service to ‘like’ you on Facebook. Then this allows you to be able to market to them through Facebook with special offers, discounts and new products. They won’t even bother searching eBay for alternative sellers as they are much more likely to buy from you again after a good experience.

For social media websites such as Facebook, you can have a Facebook design done for your Facebook page from a trained internet marketer for a relatively low cost, which can help you separate your company away from the competition – just as on eBay. The same can be said of a bespoke Twitter design. Having something which looks out-of-the-box is not a good way to catch your visitors attention, and is unlikely to convert a visitor into a customer.

To Wrap This Up


Succeeding on eBay is no different to success in any other area of marketing so long as you have a good brand, separate your business away from competitors and deliver great customer service. Over the past few years, eBay have continued to develop their brand, as well as their website and features. Having a bespoke eBay shop designed by us is one great way you can leverage the full potential of eBay.

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