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Basic Mobile Optimization for eBay Store Listings

More people than ever are surfing the Internet from mobile devices rather than a traditional PC and one of the things that a great many of them are doing while online is shopping and those shopping activities include eBay.

Consider these rather interesting figures from eBay themselves earlier this year:

600,000 new customers made their first purchase with on eBay mobile in Q2 2012.
A women’s handbag is purchased every 30 seconds on eBay Mobile.
There have been 100 million downloads of eBay Mobile apps since launch in 2008.
There are currently 100 million mobile listings and growing.

As you can see if you are not actively optimizing your eBay store listings for mobile users then you are probably losing out. Here are a few basic tips for doing just that to get you started:

Descriptions – If you are used to filling your eBay listings with lots of prose (some eBay sellers do seem to tell their life story in every listing) you may want to reconsider that practice. Mobile shoppers usually do not have the time or patience to pinch and click their way through lots of copy just to get to the basic information they are looking for.
Keep descriptions informative and honest but also short and to the point and with the most important information right at the top at all times.

eBay Store Templates – A great looking eBay store template is still a must but if yours is full of complex HTML or very fussy graphics then this will render very badly on a mobile device. And if you use Flash iPhone and iPad users cannot see that at all on their devices. Simpler can still be eye-catching and attractive. Mobile use on eBay is only going to continue to so making a change now will put you in a great position.

Photographs – Mobile users want – and need – to see the same crisp and clear photos of your items for sale on their devices as PC users do. Using the free photo hosting service helps you achieve this so if your images are in your item description start moving over to that platform.

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