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Awesome Christmas Marketing Ideas

So last week we touched on the Facebook Live feature for promoting items this Christmas.  You have a pretty captive audience of people all looking to snag that perfect gift for friends and loved ones, the key is getting your products into pole position.  This week we are going to see some more clever and proven marketing ideas that will help your Christmas sales soar.

Create The Perfect Gift

This is the time of year when people are less conscious of the amount of money they are spending and more interested in finding perfection with their gift buying. You know you have some really great items, and hope they will buy one.  Creating gift collections is the perfect way to get the consumers purchasing a group of things.  Just collect a group of items that fit well together, or offer a discount on purchases of say 6 or more.  If you have time to find some beautiful Christmas packaging you could also make up some excellent gift baskets.  They say presentation is everything and shoppers online are fundamentally quite lazy.  If you have packaged your products in a box or basket with cellophane and a bow, you have done the hard work for them.

Run an Advent Event

Click bait it might be, but it can really work without rattling too many cages.  If you don’t feel you can sustain it for the full 24 days of advent, or are concerned about shipping times, brand it the 12 days of Christmas.  Each day you run a special offer behind a gift door – which gets the potential customers clicking to see what you might have in store, and gives them an opportunity to bag something exclusive.  Whether you have a percentage off or a gift, or maybe offer to gift wrap that item, the choice is yours, but it generates an element of excitement as customer wait to see what might be coming the next day.

Host Your Own Christmas Party

Virtually of course!  Again this will require some prior planning, but you can generate interest in the run-up, and then spend the evening with offers and prizes for those who interact and take part.  Think of your Christmas spirit here – people remember this sort of thing, and you will become a trusted seller that they return to time and time again.  Discounts and offers do not have to be massive it is just a chance to showcase what you have at a specific time.  You could prerecord some videos to upload demonstrating a particular product, go live, or just add images and offers.

Change Your Landing Page

Maybe when someone visits your page they are taken straight to the home page, perhaps you have a landing page already –  now is the time to create a specific Christmas page that sells your offers and contains the best images of your best products.  This could also be done with a pop up on the page, but remember many people find these a little frustrating, so make it a good one if you are going to go down that route.

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