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6 Tips For Taking Great eBay Pictures

There are many aspects needed to create the perfect eBay listing that showcases your items and draws the buyer in.  While you need to ensure the wording is accurate and well constructed, you should never overlook your images.  People are visual by nature and like to be able to see what they are purchasing in detail.  Spend the time learning to take great photos and make the most of your free image allowance.  Remember that over 60% of users access eBay on mobile devices with smaller screens, so your images need to be clear, and then they have the ability to zoom in, so you want to make sure they are at their best.  Here are 6 great tips to get you started.

1. Keep Backgrounds Plain

Most people agree that a plain white background is the way to go for most items.  You want to avoid shots of your lounge or office.  Kids toys and pets are a bit no.  Aim for white or cream backgrounds, and this can be achieved with paper or sheeting.  The only exception is things that reflect light or catch the flash, things like jewellery and precious stones.  In this case, a plain black background is a better option.

2. No Flash Needed

It is better to turn the flash off as this can lead to reflections or shadows that ultimately might make your item look defective or marked.  Light the room well, and you will not need to use the flash at all.  Light boxes can be used for items that are small enough to fit in, and for larger items use spotlights in the room directed away from the item, pointed at the wall or the ceiling to avoid shadows.

3. Consider A Tripod

Shaky hands happen more than you might imagine.  If you have a particularly bad shake, then consider using a tripod.  This eliminates any shake which will make the images look blurred and not as clear as you would like.

4. Use the Camera Well

Most cameras have a variety of settings enabling you to have images of different resolutions and clarities.  Do use medium or high file sizes, they take up more memory, but the difference in picture crispness is well worth it.  Remember that users like to zoom in and have a good look at details.

5. Explore All Angles

As mentioned at the beginning you are offered up to 12 pictures before you have to pay, so make good use of this.   Take pictures from more than one angle, take close ups of any details, and in the case of defects, do not hide.  Be sure to show any defects accurately and clearly.  It does your reputation no good at all to sell things that you know have blemishes, and it will only lead to returns.

6.  Fill the Screen 

Make sure the images uses the whole space.  You do not want a tiny image with a mass of white background.  Use the space well and showcase the picture by taking up most of the space showing the actual item.

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