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5 Reasons You Need an eBay Shop


If you have beenbuilding up sales asan individual on eBay, and finding that your business is growing, it is probably time to open a shop.  A lot of small enterprises resist this step, fearing it will cost them more, or they won’t get things right.  However, it really is a good idea, especially if you are looking to grow your business more.  Here are 5 great reasons to make the change!

1) Exposure and Credibility

As an eBay shop owner you will find that sales increase. Having your goods displayed in a virtual shop brings you higher visibility in listings.  Previous studies have shown that once the shop is open sellers see an increase of 25% in their sales figures during the first three months of trading.  That is a pretty good figure and shows that customers love shops.  A shop brings credibility as it offers the consumer evidence that you are a serious seller not just a random individual who might disappear as quickly as they appeared.  You gain some great tools in the eBay Business Resource Centre that can also help you promote a professional brand image.

2) Customer Loyalty

Once a customer has bought from you once, they are likely to buy from you again.  If you offer a well thought out and organised store that displays your sale items neatly in categories you are making the shopping experience easier for your customers.  Customer love ease and hate hassle.  If you happen to sell more than one item that they are looking to buy, and make it easy for them to find these listings, you will find you get increased sales in the form of multiple purchases and repeat customers. Be sure to keep your shipping fast and reasonable as this is also a judging factor.  Create a simple experience with quality products and customers will return.

3) Time Saving

Having an eBay shop offers a range of listing options that are not available to individual sellers.  You can use automatic relisting features or Good till Cancelled and create sales and offers to entice customers in. There are other great tools like email marketing and cross promotion, and the all important search your store box. You can add your holidays so you can still sell, but buyers will be aware of a delay in dispatch.

4)  Reports

As a shop seller you will have access to a monthly sales report that is generated for free and outlines your activity.  This information can really help you plan for the future and understand your customer’s wants and needs.  It gives you valuable insights into your monthly gross sales, conversions rates and your number of buyers.  This is vital information if you are looking to grow your business and increase your revenue.

If the thought of changing to an eBay shop leaves you feeling rather anxious why not get in touch with our team?  We specialise in everything eBay and would be delighted to help you take the next step.


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