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5 Alternatives to eBay

If you are trying to build your e-commerce empire on eBay alone you might be feeling rather restricted.  Success on eBay does depend on a number of factors so check out some of our other blogs to make sure you are ticking the eBay success criteria.  However, it is worth remembering that there are other platforms out there that could bring you a wider target audience and enable you to really increase your business dramatically.  We have found 5 alternatives for you, some might fit with your business some might not, but it is worth knowing what is out there.


A well-known platform that holds the reputation as eBay’s main competitor (and vice versa!).  If I am sourcing something for my own use, I will check both platforms before deciding where to purchase, so having a presence on both might be beneficial.  Obviously, Amazon has one key difference from eBay and that is the fact it does not offer auction facilities.  We have discussed the pros and cons of selling at a fixed price versus holding auctions in other articles.  Amazon is also pretty much reserved for new items, not second hand.


So, Etsy has some quite strict rules and is not suitable for all.  The prerequisite for Etsy is handmade.  So, if you make jewellery, clothes, pictures, etc, this is an outlet worth looking into.  For sellers of manufactured goods, this is one to avoid.  For those that hit the target criteria, it could be the best move you ever made.  Touting such figures as 1.4 million sellers and over 20 million buyers, this is a global marketplace for tradespeople and artists who want a platform that separates them from second-hand auctions and brand new mass produced items.


As the name suggests this is a platform that offers an eBay-like selling experience.  The selling fees are low, but there is less traffic around so this could be a great platform for those in for the long haul not needing things to move fast.  Auction style listings are all the rage here, though.


This is an international style eBay, so depending on your shipping policies you could find a whole new audience you didn’t know existed.  Rakuten has a large Japanese following with statistics showing about 90% of all internet users in Japan being signed up.  It ranks in the top three e-commerce companies globally, so it has quite a powerful sway.

Do It Yourself

If none of these floats your boat, or you just want to make sure you have maximised all sales channels, then, of course, having your own website store is the way to go.  There are many platforms offering a variety of solutions.  If you are going to consider having an e-commerce site of your own, you might want to take advice, as there are many companies offering lots of solutions and the choice can get a bit baffling.  We have a range of e-commerce solutions available and are more than happy to discuss the perfect solution for you, so why not give us a call.

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