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3 Tips to Turn Listings From Invisible to Visible

Do you ever feel that running your eBay store is the single most frustrating adventure you have ever embarked on?  It can be really disheartening to have hundreds of listings that do not seem to convert to sales.  There are many reasons why customers do not click to bid or buy, however one reason is that the listings are not optimised and therefore are not being seen in the myriad of competition.  Here are 3 great tips for ensuring you have listings that can be found and will stand out.

1. Use Keywords in Titles.

Obviously a title needs to explain to the user, without them needing to look any further, exactly what you are selling.  Make sure you are using accurate and well structured titles that showcase the item.  The brand, the size, the colour, all the information the buyer is going to be looking for.  eBay has its own search engine and to help your listings stay visible use honest descriptions that make it easy for your buyers to find what they need.  Do not be tempted to use other keywords that might be related to other things you sell, each listing should stand on its own merits. There are plenty of ways for buyers to see what else you have on offer.  Another urban myth that has been circulated is to stuff your title full of popular keywords so that your listings will get more exposure.  That is not going to work, and will actually damage your credibility as a seller, so avoid this at all costs.

2.  Use the Predefined Item Specifications

When you are listing an item it can be tempting to just fill in the basics to save time.  However, the fields that eBay offers you are there for a reason, so use them.  For example when eBay asks you to list a brand, or a size, do it!  These become the filters that appear on the left hand side of the screen when a customer is searching, so you need to make sure your items can be found using these too, otherwise you are immediately giving your competitors the market edge.  They might be fiddly and annoying to fill in but the merits outweigh the inconvenience.

3.  Consider Your Branding

What do you sell?  This should be evident from your store name.  What might Sarah’s Shop sell? Who can possibly know from that name.  It can be tempting to want a cute name, or a personal name, but when it coming to naming your store, stick with the facts.  Sarah’s Candle Making Supplies is much better, but actually you do not need your name in there at all.  Candle Making Supplies is perfect.  What you name your store becomes part of the unique URL used by eBay to identify you.  This is further used by web search engines if someone is looking for a specific item.  If ‘Candle Making Supplies’ was entered into the search engine, which of the store names above is going to most closely match in the results?

Taking the time to tidy your listings, remove extraneous data and fine tune the keywords from your titles to your store name is a job well worth doing, and can drastically change your visibility for the better.  If you are struggling with creating the perfect store why not get in touch with one of our team and they can help you with the perfect solution.


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