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3 Tips For Driving Traffic To Your eBay Shop

We know how frustrating it can be, you spend hours setting up your eBay shop, getting everything listed, making sure things look good, and yet customers are few and far between.  What is going wrong?  It could well be a lack of traffic.  Keep in mind that eBay is a large platform and you are competing in a huge arena, so you need to make sure customers are going to be driven to your listings.  Here are three great tips to help drive traffic your way.

Check The Items You Are Selling 

Some things just don’t sell well, and you may need to rethink what you stock.  That might sound a bit brutal, but it is true.  Over saturation is a common mistake that eBay sellers make.  Grabbing hold of a product that seems insanely popular is a double edge sword, and the downside can be that you are trying to sell in a flooded market where people are slashing their prices and every other shop stocks the item. So think about what you are selling.  You are looking for products that are in demand and have their own good following, without being flooded.  Do some keyword research and check up on what has sold on eBay before.

Keywords Are Vital 

Once you are sure that you have found a great product, with an accessible but not saturated market, get listing.  But pay attention to the words you use.  eBay has an algorithm for searches, and it determines how and where you will appear in the results.  To get the best results possible make sure you have keywords in your title that include vital information. Will ‘Black Trainers’ do as well as ‘Brand New Black Nike Ladies Trainers 3-8’?  Well obviously not.  Take the time to create proper titles with appropriate keywords.  Then focus on the description.  This is also checked for keywords in searches, and it needs to be professional and accurate. Spell checkers and proofreading tools are your best friend here.

Step Away From eBay

Once you are sure you have done all you can to get your listings ranking well in the search algorithm, think about other ways to build traffic. Yes, there is a captive, and huge audience looking at eBay daily, and that is a job done for you.  In the meantime, you can start to build your own following on social media.  This is another massive platform, so having a presence makes sense.  It is not about repeatedly dropping your product links; it is about generating a following.  Talk about the merits of your products, showcase them, explain why they are awesome.  The link to the shop becomes a small feature at the end.  Join groups that might have a shared interest, for example, if you sell wool, participating in a knitting group or two.  Spend some time in there showing the merits of the product without using direct selling tactics (that’s a fast way to be thrown out).  Using a banner on images that says ‘Sponsored by…’ with your eBay shop name is enough here.

All of these are free and easy to implement, so why not give them a try.  If you are concerned about the aesthetic look and feel of your shop get in touch, we can help.

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