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3 Important Actions to Build eBay Sales

Following on from our last blog, there are lots of things that you can do to ensure that you become a strong eBay seller and your sales figures can continue on an upward trajectory.  If you follow these simple tips you should see an increase in business and allows you to continue to expand as planned.

1 – Customers are Visual Creatures

It doesn’t matter how good your description is, if a customer cannot see the item they are looking to buy you are unlikely to close the sale. Adding pictures is a must, however any old picture is not the way forward.  A bad picture is bordering on as useless as no picture.  Depending on what you are selling more than one photo is a good idea, but take them well.  Use a good quality camera and consider the clutter in the background.  We have touched on how to make a simple light box out of a few simple household items, so showcase your item well, and do not just sling up a badly taken shot that includes your lounge and children’s toys in the background.

2 – Building Trust Matters

eBay has a feedback system for good reason.  It enables buyers to make informed decisions about who they purchase their items from.  If you are new to eBay it is harder to build a great reputation as people are wary of zero or low feedback.  You need to take the time to build up an established eBay seller reputation.  Smaller, low value items are a great starting point.  People will take a chance on a purchase from a newbie eBay seller if the item is low value but presented well.  Do not get lazy and list things badly just because you are in a hurry to build that reputation.  Every item you list should be treated as vital – because, to your reputation, it really is.  Establish feedback as both a seller and a buyer, and be prompt with your feedback to both your clients and people you buy from.

3 – Consider Post and Packing

Doing a bit of research here can really help sales.  Customers are often looking for a free post and packaging listing. Now this is generally a case of the seller covering postal costs in the item price.  The psychology of sales shows that customers feel they are getting a better service if the post and packing is given free, so do some research, check out the competition and figure out how you are going to make this option work.  One thing to avoid is local collection only.  People find this frustrating, and are more likely to avoid your listings.  It is not your place to decide how much the buyer will pay for postage, just give an honest postal price that you have researched based on the weight and size of your item and let them decide.  Don’t try and make money on your postal charges, customers will walk away if you are charging too much in post.

These three simple tips can help you ensure you are offering your customers the best possible shopping experience and this is what brings you sale.  If you are struggling to present your eBay listings and are concerned they are causing customers to walk away, get in touch and see how we can help.




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