Great ideas for eBay titles from Andrew Minalto

You hate writing, I know.

But there’s no way to build a successful eBay business without it –after all you need to write product titles and descriptions. Well, you can always outsource these tasks. IF you’re comfortable spending the money required but even then – I strongly recommend learning how to write good listing titles and descriptions BEFORE you start outsourcing! Otherwise you won’t be able to give precise instructions to your writer and will end up with mediocre results.

In today’s blog post I want to talk specifically about how to write good titles for your eBay listings!

By good I mean a title that:

  • Gives you the highest possible position in search results;
  • Effectively pre-sells your product;
  • Makes your listing stand out from the crowd!

You may be thinking – what’s so special about listing titles, they’re simple and easy, right? Well, listing titles may seem easy but the question remains why the majority on eBay seem as if they’ve been written by a 3 year old?


To learn how, simply…


Basic Mobile Optimization for eBay Store Listings

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Dealing with Fraudulent Charge Backs on eBay Store Items Sold

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Sadly these days it is something that almost all eBay store owners will experience at some point but for those new to eBay store ownership receiving a charge back notice, sometimes months after an item has been sold and shipped can be quite a shock. Unfortunately many of these newer store owners (and even some experienced ones)really do not know how to handle the situation and simply resign themselves to the loss.

Charity Competition Update – Over £1,000 Raised!

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Useful Tools to Help eBay Shop Owners Manage the Christmas Holiday Rush

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Useful Tools to Help eBay Shop OwnersLast year over 75% of adult UK residents were thought to have bought at least one Christmas gift online and in reality the figure is actually probably even higher than that. Therefore gearing your eBay shop up to capture that Christmas shopping market is a must. People who may never go near eBay at any other time of the year are likely to head there seeking Christmas bargains or items that can’t be found in the shops near them. And regular eBay shoppers are even more likely than ever to buy. (more…)

How to Schedule a Christmas Sale in Your Ebay Shop

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eBay Christmas ShoppingWith the busy Christmas shopping season right around the corner, every Ebay seller will be looking for ways to make their auctions and listings stand out from the crowd and attract those holiday shoppers. A great looking well optimised Ebay store is one way of doing that, especially if you add a few extra festive touches. Another is to offer a seasonal sale. (more…)

Fast N Free Promotion Rolls Out to Sellers and Store Owners

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As the Christmas shopping season draws closer (some efficient people have started already) and eBay store owner wants to try to find a way to get an edge of their competitors to get their items noticed – and sold – first. (more…)

Do eBay Sellers Really Have to Take PayPal?

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paying by PayPalBack when eBay first launched, all the way back in 1995, buyers could pay for the items from auctions they had won using a cheque, a money order and, if the seller accepted them (which was rare) a credit card. Back in 1995 PayPal did not even exist yet. Sellers had to spend their time opening mail, cashing cheques, matching cheques to auctions, waiting for the cheques to clear. Life, for an eBay seller back in the early days was not easy! (more…)

Start now to ensure your eCommerce site is up and running, in time for the Christmas Rush

Published by essAdmin on September 9th, 2015 - in Ecommerce & Internet News

2015 Holiday Shopping Trends

More time spent shopping online than ever before

Christmas 2014 reported the highest number of internet shoppers in recorded history.  More people were reported holiday shopping and researching online, than ever before. As much as 78% of people used the internet to do holiday shopping and research. The balance relied on friends and relatives for holiday shopping advice. In 2015 this number is expected to increase further.

Mobile Responsive Sites are now a must

With more and more people having access to smartphones, it is no wonder Mobile Device purchases are so high. More than half of holiday shopping was done on a mobile device or tablet, 53% to be exact. This accounted for £650 billion in sales, 28% of total retail sales.

Brand loyalty no longer a key factor

We have always been told that brand loyalty is key, but not when it comes to Christmas Shopping. Customers are open to try new brands, which really gives new online businesses a great “in” to make massive sales. Customers are said to be interested in trying new stores, new brands and special offers over this period. Statistics showed as many as 41% of online shoppers tried new retailers.

How does YouTube come in?

If you thought Youtube was not significant, think again. Shoppers are turning more and more to YouTube videos for their holiday shopping advice. Product Ratings and Reviews were the most watched videos in this regard. Also, it has been shown that reviews from peers weighed much more highly than reviews from experts. Apparently, 68% of YouTube viewers related more closely with videos by “people like me” as oppose to opinions from people they could not relate to.


Don’t wait until the last minute to set up your eCommerce store, as it takes time to perfect, and it doesn’t happen overnight.  It is so important that you have a great design to create trust and credibility for your shoppers, so they feel confident spending large sums of money with you.  Ensure your eCommerce Store is up and running in time! This will mean you will catch the first wave of early shoppers and Maximise your Sales. Contact eSeller Solutions and we will make this happen for you.



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