3 Important Actions to Build eBay Sales

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Following on from our last blog, there are lots of things that you can do to ensure that you become a strong eBay seller and your sales figures can continue on an upward trajectory.  If you follow these simple tips you should see an increase in business and allows you to continue to expand as planned.

1 – Customers are Visual Creatures

It doesn’t matter how good your description is, if a customer cannot see the item they are looking to buy you are unlikely to close the sale. Adding pictures is a must, however any old picture is not the way forward.  A bad picture is bordering on as useless as no picture.  Depending on what you are selling more than one photo is a good idea, but take them well.  Use a good quality camera and consider the clutter in the background.  We have touched on how to make a simple light box out of a few simple household items, so showcase your item well, and do not just sling up a badly taken shot that includes your lounge and children’s toys in the background.

2 – Building Trust Matters

eBay has a feedback system for good reason.  It enables buyers to make informed decisions about who they purchase their items from.  If you are new to eBay it is harder to build a great reputation as people are wary of zero or low feedback.  You need to take the time to build up an established eBay seller reputation.  Smaller, low value items are a great starting point.  People will take a chance on a purchase from a newbie eBay seller if the item is low value but presented well.  Do not get lazy and list things badly just because you are in a hurry to build that reputation.  Every item you list should be treated as vital – because, to your reputation, it really is.  Establish feedback as both a seller and a buyer, and be prompt with your feedback to both your clients and people you buy from.

3 – Consider Post and Packing

Doing a bit of research here can really help sales.  Customers are often looking for a free post and packaging listing. Now this is generally a case of the seller covering postal costs in the item price.  The psychology of sales shows that customers feel they are getting a better service if the post and packing is given free, so do some research, check out the competition and figure out how you are going to make this option work.  One thing to avoid is local collection only.  People find this frustrating, and are more likely to avoid your listings.  It is not your place to decide how much the buyer will pay for postage, just give an honest postal price that you have researched based on the weight and size of your item and let them decide.  Don’t try and make money on your postal charges, customers will walk away if you are charging too much in post.

These three simple tips can help you ensure you are offering your customers the best possible shopping experience and this is what brings you sale.  If you are struggling to present your eBay listings and are concerned they are causing customers to walk away, get in touch and see how we can help.




5 Reasons You Need an eBay Shop

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If you have beenbuilding up sales asan individual on eBay, and finding that your business is growing, it is probably time to open a shop.  A lot of small enterprises resist this step, fearing it will cost them more, or they won’t get things right.  However, it really is a good idea, especially if you are looking to grow your business more.  Here are 5 great reasons to make the change!

1) Exposure and Credibility

As an eBay shop owner you will find that sales increase. Having your goods displayed in a virtual shop brings you higher visibility in listings.  Previous studies have shown that once the shop is open sellers see an increase of 25% in their sales figures during the first three months of trading.  That is a pretty good figure and shows that customers love shops.  A shop brings credibility as it offers the consumer evidence that you are a serious seller not just a random individual who might disappear as quickly as they appeared.  You gain some great tools in the eBay Business Resource Centre that can also help you promote a professional brand image.

2) Customer Loyalty

Once a customer has bought from you once, they are likely to buy from you again.  If you offer a well thought out and organised store that displays your sale items neatly in categories you are making the shopping experience easier for your customers.  Customer love ease and hate hassle.  If you happen to sell more than one item that they are looking to buy, and make it easy for them to find these listings, you will find you get increased sales in the form of multiple purchases and repeat customers. Be sure to keep your shipping fast and reasonable as this is also a judging factor.  Create a simple experience with quality products and customers will return.

3) Time Saving

Having an eBay shop offers a range of listing options that are not available to individual sellers.  You can use automatic relisting features or Good till Cancelled and create sales and offers to entice customers in. There are other great tools like email marketing and cross promotion, and the all important search your store box. You can add your holidays so you can still sell, but buyers will be aware of a delay in dispatch.

4)  Reports

As a shop seller you will have access to a monthly sales report that is generated for free and outlines your activity.  This information can really help you plan for the future and understand your customer’s wants and needs.  It gives you valuable insights into your monthly gross sales, conversions rates and your number of buyers.  This is vital information if you are looking to grow your business and increase your revenue.

If the thought of changing to an eBay shop leaves you feeling rather anxious why not get in touch with our team?  We specialise in everything eBay and would be delighted to help you take the next step.


The 12 Months of eBay Sales in 2016

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Although wecannot predict exactly how sales will go in 2017, understanding consumer habits can greatly help you plan your promotions, listings and even the stock you buy.  Keeping your eye on the App market is a wise tip, for example Pokemon Go was a massive hit and related games, cards and other memorabilia flew off eBay shelves with the launch in of the app in June.  Movies, sporting events and anything that causes a trend is worthwatching if your stock fits the profile, or indeed if you have scope to expand and change your ranges.

A good way to predict upcoming trends is to subscribe to news channels for your niche.  If your items are set to go viral you might find offering a small incentive on multiple purchases pays dividends as people become eager, almost competitive with their purchasing.

Harry Potter, for example, has always held sway on eBay since the first film was released all those years ago, but we notice a surge in popularity every time JK Rowling release something new.  Offers on the older books could be a smart plan.

Understanding the mind of the consumer and what they maybe thinking about is a valuable lesson to learn as well.  When do people want to by summer holiday items in the UK?  If your answer is July and August you are sadly mistaken!

Below is a breakdown by month of the top selling eBay items, some of which might surprise you.


With the Christmas market in full swing, it was gift items hitting the top of the charts.  Lego was still trending at the top of the charts, with iPhones and Windows laptops close behind. Men’s clothing, remote control cars and dolls for girls were also popular.


Consumers were all about the warm and cosy factor in November. Mermaid blankets, shaped like a big fish tail, soared in popularity.  A trend from Denmark crossed the Channel and ‘Hygge’ was a hit.  Hygge is the art of all things cosy and happy and this added to the rush for snuggly blankets and books on the subject.


Early Christmas traffic started to hit the site, but remember this is also the month of Halloween which always creates a spike in ghoulish garb.  Wizards were popular this month with children’s dressing up outfits on the rise.  Harry Potter proving once more he still pulls a cracking crowd.


100 years ago in September Roald Dahl was born, and there was a large media outpouring to mark this event.  Unsurprisingly this caused sales of his books to shoot through the roof, with parents reliving their own youth and purchasing his fabulous tales for a new generation to read and enjoy.


This is when parents (a key influential purchaser) start the mad dash to get the children ready to go back to school.  Uniforms, bags and stationary all trend in August.  Shoes and coats are also high in the listings. The fashionista (also a trend to watch) will already be thinking about the autumn /winter wardrobe, and warmer clothes sell better than bikinis and other beach gear.


With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child soon to be released, buyers were in the market for the older books to remind themselves of his whole life journey.  The uber organised parents were off getting back to school bargains and those canny sellers with a sale on bags and stationary did well.  This is a bad month for school clothes and shoes, as parents wait for summer holiday growth spurts and do not purchase yet.


June was entirely dominated by Pokemon Go, no one could really have predicted quite how huge it was going to be, but related items were selling at a rate of 1 every 12 seconds.  Figures like this just go to prove how keeping on top of potential trends can really boost sales.  If an item had Pokemon in the title it was flying!


Football was the prime force driving sales in May.  Leicester City won the Premier League and merchandise sales rose dramatically.  There was a massive scope for newspapers from the day, and these were reselling in their thousands as fans suddenly decided they needed to have a copy for posterity.


Television was leading the trend this month.  Game of Thrones was gearing up for the long awaited season 6.  Hardened fans and newcomers alike were searching for box sets from previous seasons to get themselves bang up to date before the season premiered.


Spiders were the rage in March.  The humane spider catcher device stole the show after the investor launched a demo video that went viral.  100 million views ensured that buyers were racing in their thousands to bag a spider catcher.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was announced as a stage play with the book to follow and this was the first spike of Harry books and merchandise for 2016.  Again costumes were one of the biggest sellers for the younger want to be wizard to really live the dream.


This is the surprise.  January is the prime month for towels and bikinis.  The race to get to warmer climates started the year off with a bang.  Lots of winter sun holidays were booked and customers were on the look out for holiday gear.

Are You Planning a January eBay Sale?

sales picture

After the madness of Christmas has passed, and everyone has well and truly over indulged, buyers love nothing more than hunting out a bargain in the January Sales. A sacred tradition that started way before the likes of Black Friday. The question is are you planning to have a sale in your eBay store?

We have some helpful hints for getting your items flying off the virtual shelves and into the hands of eager buyers.

Get Organised

Firstly decide on what you are going to be putting in the sale. Do you have specific items or are you going to run a storewide promotion. Have a plan and a deadline. Sales in Markdown Manger can run from 1-14 days (you must run for at least a day). Are you planning to clear old stock or are you just hoping to increase sales with a bit of extra traffic. Be sure to factor in postal costs if you are offering free postal services.

Use Markdown Manager

Do not just go in and change the prices of your listing. Use the Markdown Manager as this shows up on the listing as a sale / discounted price, and shows the original price for comparison. If you just change your listing prices no one will know they are getting a bargain!

eBay offers 2 ways of reducing fixed priced listings. You can either reduced them by an amount or by a percentage. Do you want to offer 10% off everything, or £4 off certain items? Auction style listings cannot be put into a sale. Percentage discounts can be anything from 5% to 75%.

If you have a basic shop you can add 250 listings a day to a sale. For Featured Shops this is 2500 listings and for Anchor shops 5000 listings a day. Once a sale has finished (14 days maximum) you cannot offer another discount on the same listing for 24 hours.

Get Promoting

Markdown Manager does more than just adjust your prices. Your new sale prices will show up in

  • Listings
  • Cross promotions in listing
  • Search results within a shop
  • Items I’m watching section of ‘My eBay’
  • Watched item reminder emails
  • Shops promotion boxes
  • Seller email marketing

However, you should also be advertising your sale on your blog, website, social media channels etc. Get a series of post scheduled now, and particularly for the week between Christmas and the New Year, as more people are likely to be home surfing the net then.

Send a Promotion Email

Also with in the Markdown Manager tool you can promote your sale via email to your newsletter subscribers. Follow the simple prompts in the ‘Promote your sale’ section, but this must be done before your sale has started. Once the items are on sale this option disappears. If you do not have a subscriber list, but have obtained customer emails legitimately for newsletter purposes you can se up email lists.

If you are concerned about sales or worried that your listings are not up to scratch give us a shout, we have a wide variety of solutions to help you maximise your eBay sales.

Are your eBay listings 2017 ready?

In the new year eBay will be making some significant changes to the way listings are added to the platform. The changes effect item descriptions, as eBay has decided to remove active content. This significant rule change, which will come into place in early 2017, will prohibit the use of JavaScript. Flash, plug-ins and form actions. You will no longer be able to use any of these in your listings.

If you are not sure what these features are, we are talking about things like search boxes, drop down menus, a live chat option or the scrolling galleries that showcase other items also on sale. See this list below:

• Adding tabbed pane description.
• Searching a store.
• Links to video.
• Image galleries or carousels.
• Live chat.
• Embedding buyer feedback.
• Freight quotes

Active content has been used to enhance listings and try and set sellers above the competition so it has been a very popular feature however it brings with it a security issues, because it significantly heighten the possibility that malicious code could be included within listings hosted by eBay due to a hacking technique known as cross-site scripting (XSS). Obviously such cyber breaches are damning for a company as large a eBay, and the investment to meet the potential attack was deemed not viable, so for simplicity the decision has been taken to remove it all together.

This is potentially a major upheaval for many business as any seller with active content at the time will need to change their listings which for some sellers runs into thousands, or even tens of thousands of listings. Due the scale of those falling in this category eBay will not be offering a friendly reminder, instead they will simply remove all listings that fail to comply. Such action is clearly not great for a seller as it brings a loss of sales and bad search results once items have been relisted. Sellers with many incorrectly listed items could also fall foul of the eBay zero tolerance approach and find that their accounts are closed with no warning – and once that happens there is no option but to start again.

So, before the chaos ensues – and be assured it will!, get ahead of the game with eSeller Solutions.

Our services enables all listings to be recoded correctly to a format that will still appeal to your buyers but will fully comply with eBay’s new policy. This applies to all listings, including those currently active. Existing customers or new customers alike! Allowing us to take the strain off your already busy day to day activity will save you time, money, headaches and potential account closure.

The eSeller Manager application that our clients use to cross promote, upsell, and make category changes etc is still available. Clearly the software did also use active content but this will also be amended to coincide the new policy so you can continue to use that without fear.

We understand that such a big change will cause unrest and concern for our clients, but please do not sit and fret – give us a call and we can help you understand what needs to be done to make sure all of your listings, both active and in future continue to comply. We can help with bulk active item revisions to get your listings eBay 2017 ready.

Great ideas for eBay titles from Andrew Minalto

You hate writing, I know.

But there’s no way to build a successful eBay business without it –after all you need to write product titles and descriptions. Well, you can always outsource these tasks. IF you’re comfortable spending the money required but even then – I strongly recommend learning how to write good listing titles and descriptions BEFORE you start outsourcing! Otherwise you won’t be able to give precise instructions to your writer and will end up with mediocre results.

In today’s blog post I want to talk specifically about how to write good titles for your eBay listings!

By good I mean a title that:

  • Gives you the highest possible position in search results;
  • Effectively pre-sells your product;
  • Makes your listing stand out from the crowd!

You may be thinking – what’s so special about listing titles, they’re simple and easy, right? Well, listing titles may seem easy but the question remains why the majority on eBay seem as if they’ve been written by a 3 year old?


To learn how, simply…


Basic Mobile Optimization for eBay Store Listings

Published by Jenn on December 23rd, 2015 - in eBay

More people than ever are surfing the Internet from mobile devices rather than a traditional PC and one of the things that a great many of them are doing while online is shopping and those shopping activities include eBay. (more…)

Dealing with Fraudulent Charge Backs on eBay Store Items Sold

Published by Jenn on November 24th, 2015 - in eBay

Sadly these days it is something that almost all eBay store owners will experience at some point but for those new to eBay store ownership receiving a charge back notice, sometimes months after an item has been sold and shipped can be quite a shock. Unfortunately many of these newer store owners (and even some experienced ones)really do not know how to handle the situation and simply resign themselves to the loss.

Charity Competition Update – Over £1,000 Raised!

Published by Jenn on November 22nd, 2015 - in All Posts, Charity, eBay, ESS News

Earlier this year, eSeller Solutions was delighted to help Mark Norton, an Ebay shop owner who runs http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Dangleberry-Music, raise money for his local Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) as a way of saying thank you for saving his newborn son’s life a few years ago. (more…)

Useful Tools to Help eBay Shop Owners Manage the Christmas Holiday Rush

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Useful Tools to Help eBay Shop OwnersLast year over 75% of adult UK residents were thought to have bought at least one Christmas gift online and in reality the figure is actually probably even higher than that. Therefore gearing your eBay shop up to capture that Christmas shopping market is a must. People who may never go near eBay at any other time of the year are likely to head there seeking Christmas bargains or items that can’t be found in the shops near them. And regular eBay shoppers are even more likely than ever to buy. (more…)

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